Dr. Ellington Darden Book and Others Collection

Dr. Darden,

i have 35 of your books, here is the list…any others that you have written would you recommend collecting or maybe other authors that have written pertaining to Proper Strength Training…in parenthesis (favorites)

Nutrition and Atheltic Performance (favorite)
Strength Training Principals (favorite)
How to Lose Bodyfat (favorite)
How Your Muscles Work (favorite)
Conditioning for Football
The Complete Encyclopedia of Weightloss, Bodyshaping and Slenderizing
The Nautilus Book 1980, 1982, 1984 and 1988 (favorite)
The Nautilus Nutrition Book (favorite)
The Nautilus Bodybuilding Book 1982, 1986 (favorite)
The Superfitness Handbook (favorite)
No More Fat (favorite)
The Nautilus Handbook for Young Athletes (favorite)
The Nautilus Advanced Bodybuilding Book
High Intensity Bodybuilding
Super High Intensiy Bodybuilding
The Nautilus Diet (favorite)
Massive Muscles in 10 Weeks
100 High Intensity Ways to Improve your Body
32 Days to a 32 Inch Waist
High Intensity Strength Training
Soft Steps to a Hard Body (favorite)
High Intensity Home Training
Living Longer Stronger (favorite)
A Flat Stomach ASAP
The New High Intensity Training
New Bodyybuilding for Old School Results (favorite)
Bodyfat Breakthrough (favorite)
Flat Belly Breakthrough
Lose Weight Feel Good Track your Success
Killing Fat (very favorite)
New Extreme 30-10-30 (favorite)

Grow…is on order

I have a couple of Wescotts books, Mentzers books, the Nautilus bulletins, Books by Bannister, Wolf, Anibel Lopez, Steve Reeves, Turner, Body by Science, LaLanne, Coumbos nutrition book and Arnolds encyclopedia

I love collecting books, lol

thx, dan

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KILLING FAT may also be my favorite of all.


Hello Dr. Darden.

I have read Killing Fat and am currently on Week 5 of 6 of the program. I plan on doing another 6 weeks of it. I know it says to continue to do all 10 excercises 2 days a week. But after combing over the book I can’t seem to find the calorie total to follow. Do you go back to the 1600 and progress down every 2 weeks or do you stay at 1400?

I am glad I found your book, it has definitely help me with a regiment I feel I can stick with for the long haul to get to my ultimate goal weight.

Thanks Again,


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You could actually do either. But it may be to your advantage to repeat the same breakdown that you’ve just finished.


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Great will do the 1600 working down again.

The first book I read in college, and probably the only book my first semester, was The Nautilus Book. I became obsessed. Then later I found Living Longer Stronger. Another home run.

@Friedrich Where did you graduate from?

I just order the book a few weeks ago. I have a trip to Disney at the end of February. I’ll see what I can accomplish before then.

As best I can tell, Campbell’s has discontinued its Well Yes Black Bean and Quinoa soup. Is there any other soup anyone here has used and done well with on this plan?
I’d eat the sand but I’m having dental work done this week and next so the less chewing the better.

Also, I don’t tolerate almonds well. They taste like detergent to me. Would cashews be ok?

Brigham Young

Soup: Look for another soup with a similar calorie count. Almonds: Yes, cashews can be substituted.