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Dr. Dre's Been Lifting


How old is he now? 40? Pretty impressive.


I was wondering about this. The funny part was he really came out like he was posing. If you saw the show his traps were insane. Think he is bigger than 50 now.

Can't wait for the Aftermath Workout Tape!!!!


Lookin' solid. And the best part is he's being trained by Stan McQuay.



he looks like Fiddy's big brother...lol. Thats impressive though. He doesn't have the Quasimodo look that Timberland has in my opinion. lol..he has that "I'm the shit!" look on his face. Its good to see people dedicated to taking care of themselves.


Jeez, his shoulder's and traps look huge. Cool that he is getting in shape, I remember him being a bit of a dough-boy back in the day.

Timbaland just looks like he is constantly on a mega-bulk diet. Too big for his frame imo.


Holy fuck thats a big dude.


This makes me think...who's next? Ice Cube?The Game?..he has a physique that could overshadow Dre and 50 with serious dedication.


definitely a better look than this.


Ha ha. Thank you, I was hoping somebody would post the before pics.

I think it was T-Nation's Stan McQuay who trained him.


this thread wouldn't be complete without a gangster-ass pic of Dre.


The Game is quite small at the moment, but he's obviously got decent genetics.

Timbaland looks like crap in my opinion.


Now only if they could get through to Snoop.....


Snoop has decent shoulders. The rest of him, well, isn't decent.


"Damn E they tried to fade you on Dre day"

"But Dre day only made Easy's pay day!"


I can't find his shoulders.

I think if he ate a hamburger he would gain 5lbs of muscle


especially considering that The Game is 6'4" and only 27yrs old. Timberland never made it to the cutting cycle...never the less its better than his old doughboy self.


LL Cool J has the best physique and dedication of all the rappers, in my opinion.


I have no idea what you typed...stares


As if there was ever any question as to whether or not Dre was the fucking man, now he looks the part.


I was going to start this thread after I saw him on the VMAs, he looks huge. The picture provided by the OP doesnt really do him justice, check it out: