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Dr Does Not Want to Prescibe an AI


I am 35 and started testosterone replacement therapy around December of last year. I am taking 100mg/week injections of Testosterone Cyp. After a few months I noticed things were going downhill and the better feeling and higher level of arousal and better erectile function seemed to have diminished. I made an appointment and told her that I feel my T2 levels were high and I would like to have my labs tested and wanted to get on Arimidex.

She said we will need to see the labs and go from there. They drew blood and drew an insufficient sample. I got a letter saying they didnâ??t draw enough to get the T2 checked after the other labs and the letter told me to just keep taking the 100mg/week and she didnâ??t send me a new lab request form or anything. I was frustrated and put it off but the week before last I finally called and complained and said I need the labs.

So I called today and they got the lab results. She explained the doctor wants me to change my dosage to 80mg a week and have labs rechecked in a month. I asked Why. I said that seems to be going the wrong direction with my problems and that I feel my problem is Estrogen. She explained that yes your Estrogen levels were high so the doctor wants to try lowering your testosterone and then check labs in a month. I explained that 100mg a week is no large dose and that I'd really just rather start taking an AI to control it.

She got back to me that the doctor insists that I do cut my dosages and that we recheck in a month and that if my testosterone is still in normal range and if my estrogen is still high that then she would look at adding the AI inhibitor.

I asked them to send me my lab and I can post them when I get them.

She has always checked my testosterone in the middle of the week between me taking my shots. Its been up there in the 600 and 700s range for total. Nothing off the charts and nothing I want to bring any lower.

I weight 240 right now and should be more like 185 so I know the extra weight is a contributing factor as well.

I had my SHBG checked as well on a previous lab and they were not high.

She also refuses ti prescribe HCG as well. I have brought in some research on that but she said she would only if me and my wife were trying to have a baby.

Any feedback would be appreciated on this. I can also post my labs when I get them in the mail. I am thinking I really should look for another doctor


You could always get the AI on net . Research Chemical company's sell liquid AI that work .


What about her idea of reducing the testosterone shot to reduce the estrogen?

Yes I suppose I could look for a net source but I will be on this the rest of my life so it doesn't seem like a good long term solution.


Hey Kevin,it's not the testosterone than is your problem/ it's your obesity.Fat is the cause of high estrogen,not the baby dose of synthetic testosterone yoy take. I would suggest a nutrition plan to reduce bodyfat. Get a Dexascan,this will measure your lean bodymass and your fat bodymass.

Kevin you can't repair metabolic syndrome with drug's.What's necessary is proper nutrition and plenty of weight training and cardio exercise. all the best john



It's not that simple.

I've got a great diet (mostly vegan). And until I did TRT, I hit the gym a couple times a week (weights and boxing).

However I never had any energy.

So when the T kicked in, my energy went up, gains at the gym, and repeat.

I swapped from a negative feedback system to a positive one.

I agree, T by itself didn't solve my issues.

But without T, I'd still be F'ed.


1 - Find a new doctor.

2 - You may very well have to source your own AI - lots of us on here do.

3 - HCG - it's for more than just making babies. Most guys report a better sense of well-being/feeling better with the addition of HCG.

4 - Losing weight will certainly help. It may be a chicken/egg thing; regardless, getting a solid TRT protocol in place will help you get (and keep) the weight off.


Thanks for the help everyone I appreciate it and I'll post labs when I get them.

Ultimately I just want to feel full of energy, have a good sense of well being and a healthy sex drive. I felt really great for a little bit and then it fell away and now I am back to feeling basically how I did when my testosterone was 169 total pretreatment.


My Friend ABig Red Flag went-Up ,when you said vegan.A Vegan diet is the worst thing for your testosterone.Testosterone id a fat??? A fat the come from the metabolization of cholesterol.You need a healthy high fat,moderate to high protein and moderate to low carb,moreover The Hi Glycemic/simple carb's are only to be used before and after weight training. please hire a dietican that is into bodytransformation and hormones


I got my labs in the mail today.

Free Testosterone 276
Total Testosterone 863

Estradiol (says By TMS) 46.8

This Lab was taken on Monday and my weekly shot was on the previous Friday.

This was my highest testosterone reading I have had. No other has gone over the 700s and I have had the symptoms for months.

She wrote a note on my labs that says Estrogen is elevated most likely the results of high testosterone.

So she says to cut my 100mg a week to 80mg a week and to take labs again in a month to see where estrogen is and T are then.


There is a post for finding a new TRT doc.

Many get anastrozole and self-medicate.