Dr Directed Me to Move Away from TRT

Hello all- I’m a 45y/o male and been on TRT (1% Androgel 2.5 grams daily) for about 5 years. My new endocrinolist wants me off TRT and switched me to 50mg of Clomid every other day. For background, I’m in decent cardio shape, but still 25 lbs overweight and do have a few cocktails during the week/weekend. Also, while I don’t think I’ll have kids, I wouldn’t mind keeping that option open if I can feel pretty good without TRT.

Ever since the switch (about 3.5 weeks ago), my energy levels have been crashing and I’m struggling to make it through the day without wanting to take a nap. I do sleep fairly well with a mouthguard and prior to coming off TRT felt great all day. I just had bloodwork done and my Testerone came in at 474 and according to my doc, my estradol levels were also normal (39.5).

Questions are:

  1. Anyone been in a similar situation and successfully transitioned to Clomid? If so, how long did it take any guidance on lifestyle changes. I’m now focusing on sleep, nutrition, exercise and to the best of my ability manage stress.
  2. 474 seems like a decent level, why would I be so exhausted or is it just a transitional phase?
  3. Any other advice or examples out there? Did any of you go back on TRT after trying to ween off?



Did your endo give you a reason for wanting you off TRT?

Sounds like he’s trying to restart your HPTA. I don’t see this as a usual viable option but you could try.

These are not compatible. You either care about being overweight or you don’t. Either way its fine, but having drinks on the weekend etc is not conducive to weight loss FYI.

No this is not a viable long term solution. Its an attempt to get yourself functioning again.

Could be a number of things. This may be too low if your SHBG is high and your FT is low. Also could be hormonal swings bothering you. Times of transition tend to take their toll.

I would stick with TRT if this doesnt work out for you, but you could appease your doc and give it a couple months first if you want.

Lets be honest, youre 45. Are kids really still in your future? Even if they were, most people can still regain their fertility on TRT through a couple regimen options.


Thanks, appreciate the candor and good advice. I may just give it a shot for another month or so, but then ask to switch back. I didn’t realize there were fertility options while on TRT so yes, unlikely I will want to have kids, but options are always better than no options.

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There are unicorns, but not many.

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The Free T is where the rubber meets the road. You can have a Total at 600 and still have low Free T.

If you like this Doc and want to stick with them, it probably your best choice. Just don’t expect any promises or a cure to come to fruition.

Oh for sure. First you may even be fertile while on TRT, so still be careful. However there are several methods to regain fertility with plenty or success stories on this forum.

honestly, not really. think he wants to me retain fertility and doesn’t want to prescribe a controlled substance if i had to guess.

Ahhhh…sorry even though I was on TRT for a while, I honestly didn’t do much homework as I felt like total crap before. My Free is 120.6 pg/ml. According to my medical group, that falls within the “normal” range.

Not all doctors are up to date on current medical literature.

Unfortunately, no consensus has been reached regarding the lower TT threshold defining TD, and there are no generally accepted lower limits of normal TT. This lack of consensus follows from the fact that no studies have shown a clear threshold for TT or free T that distinguishes men who will respond to treatment from those who will not.

Meanwhile the number of CAG (cytosine–adenine–guanine triplet) repeats in androgen receptor differs in men and influences the androgen receptor activity. Hence testosterone sensitivity may vary in different individuals.

The same applies to androgen receptor gene CAG repeat lengths >24 in the presence of symptoms and normal testosterone levels may be considered as a state of preclinical hypogonadism.

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You guys were right, my Endo is a useless moron and has no clue. I ended up going with an online TRT clinic and have a consult tomorrow. Hopefully with injections, I can get dialed in and feel good again. Clomid is just idiotic. Thanks all.

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