Dr. Darden's Diet Recommendations

I recently read Dr. Darden’s new book and noticed that his dietary recommendations are radically different from the recommendations found on this site and in all the bodybuilding magazines. I would like to hear what CS, LL, and others on this site have to say about ED’s (and AJ’s) lower-protein, higher-carbohydrate recommendations. I have made muscular gains on less than the generally accepted gram-per-pound recommendation. What say you?

I think that yes sure you can make gains on a high carb, lower than normal protein intake. Many bodybuilders of the past used to make great gains like this. More recent research has often shown the benefits of a higher protein diet though such as maintaining a positive nitrogen balance, upregulating protease enzymes and increasing glucagon production to minimize fat gain when on a high carb diet. From what I’ve read on T-Mag everybody can benefit from 1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight. Ideal carb intake however depends more on the individual. Look at the article on Easy-Hard gainers for a better explanation of this than I can manage.

I think I’ll stick to higher protein intake, but I’m starting maybe to see where his high carb recomendations come from. Full body workouts with squatting and deadlifting in the same session would be tough to get through on low carbs. At least for most people.

But many have made great progress eating his way. The question is, would they have done even better on a more Berardi influenced approach?

I haven’t read the book, but I doubt there are some “radicallly” different ideas there. Everything old is new again.