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Dr. Darden Picture?


Dr. Darden,
I don't mean to trash you here.

but the first thing I thought of when I saw your picture was that you were sick.

What gives?


Sucks be to you if he really is sick!

Arthur Jones was not huge either. Neither was Mel Siff come to think of it. Maybe their physques don't reflect their level of knowledge?


maybe hes in his 60's? ever think of that one? also, theres a pic of arthur jones in Dr. Darden's book, feeding a baby elephant or something. while he doesnt look like a competition bodybuilder, id say he looks strong and powerful, like he could handle himself. also, he was supposedly like 200-210lbs in the pic, and i think he was only 5'8" or so. im going from memory here, as i gave the book to my brother.

as far as how Darden looked in his day, he was certainly muscular and lean. but...if youre expecting the body of a juiced up pro of today's day then youre just out for a piss.


Darden was the Collegiate Mr America(I believe that was the contest) as well as placing in other national contests. Why don't you post your picture?


Arthur Jones was well into middle age when he developed his training methods and even then is said not to have trained consistently. Siff was an athlete (national class) and a scientist, not a bodybuilder.

Judging someone's knowledge by his physique is stupid.


BTW I think DARDEN looks pretty fucking good for 60+. Anyone who would ridicule a man his age for looking like that is pretty much a fucking idiot.


Thanks for the compliments.

In fact, I'm in pretty good health for 63 years old. I'm 5'11" tall and weigh 183 pounds and can still go through an intense workout.

No more significant amounts of sun for me. I've had more than 50 pre-skin cancers removed. They were probably due to getting a tan in my competitive bodybuilding days in the 1960s.



Pardon me, guys, but I (Jeanenne Darden) have to take up for my husband.

If Ellington were sick, he would not have posted his pic on the site. Clearly, you don't recognize LEAN when you see it!

He works out three times a week, without fail. He can train with the entire weight stack on the leg press, Nautilus Nitro, do chins like a 20-year old, and push the entire stack for a set of killer calf raises. He eats healthy, despite my temptations, constantly keeps up with our 4-year old "ALL BOY" son, and had just fathered our baby girl . . . 8 months of age.

He answers over a hundred emails daily, writes articles, lectures, and is currently working on two book proposals. I have NEVER known him to have a headache or any aches or pains.

He walks our son to school EVERY day, is invaluable help with our children and keeps me, 16 years his junior and in my prime, very satisfied.

No he is not sick . . . he is AMAZING.

Did I mention he changes diapers?

Jeanenne Darden


I have been a fan of Ellington for many years, i am glad to have you both around, how long will it be before the 4 year old is hitting the iron?? Best wishes to your whole family!


MikeShank has been shanked.


Hmm, guess the OP just got pwned


Doc, I actually believed it was your wife typing that until I got to the line about diapers. Now I'm pretty sure you just put on a dress and typed it yourself :slightly_smiling:
Good on ya, mate.


I am glad to hear you are not sick, I would just expect more from a guy who rips on one of the greatest bodybuilders and self made millionaires of all time (i.e. arnold). You have also made a ton of dough on the subject of "being huge" yet you don't seem to represent that. Were you Mr. America when you followed these workouts that you listed?


Don't know much about mel siff, but I do know that arthur jones was a chain smoker.
I did once read mel siff say in his book facts and fallacies that condoms did not prevent the spread of the aids virus, so I would have to imagine that not everything he said was fact, at least when it comes to things outside of sports performance


I think it is pretty weak that you are given credit for doing things that average, fit people do everyday. I have at least two dozen clients over the age of 65 who do as much if not more than your wife listed in a day and don't act like it is such a big deal.
It may be a big deal when you compare yourself to the "average"63 year old in this country, but then again, that is not saying much.
Also, most importantly I don't think your ability to change diapers is going to do much for my PR in the bench.
The first thing I thought when I looked at that picture is "YODA"


That last statement is pretty stupid. Judging somebody's knowledge in say astrophysics by their physique is stupid..in the bodybuilding world it is essential.
Mel siff was an olympic lifter, some of whom can be pretty strong without a ton of "bodybuilding" hypertrophy. Their muscles are less pumped up than they are dense.
also, how can jones's conclusions be considered valid if he wasn't even using them himself.
Plus the fact that he wasn't consistent tells me he violates one of the most important principles of fitness..that being of consistency. If he couldn't even create a program to which he couldn't stick to, then I would seriously question the programs validity. Alot of programs I have come up with sounded good in my head but didn't workout well when I actually did them. I only started to recently find out what worked for me by actually "getting under the bar".


If you are done with your thinly veiled kissing of Dave Tate's behind, maybe we can have a productive discussion.

The whole point of the people who came out against YOU is that you have immediately attacked a guy who is not bragging about anything or even unfairly ripping on Arnold. He is presenting a differing view (God forbid). I am not saying I agree with everything Dr. Darden writes, but you are dismissing him based on his damn photograph, for one. Last time I checked, Arnold was not exactly looking like an utter stud of late either. If you are not impressed with the pics of Dr. Darden from his competitive days, then I don't know what to tell you.

So how about we actually take what he writes, learn something from it (even one, single thing... even Dave Tate feels like he learns something from everyone he reads) and move on? Instead, I am reading your posts and it sounds like you getting dogmatic... which is pointless and no one will learn anything from.


Here's Dr. Darden in 1972.

Yeah, you sure nailed him good, Mikeshank. Burned him real hard for, um, aging.

Aging sure beats the alternative though.


Hey Ellington.
I have a tendency to belittle people who I consider phoney. You are definately not in that category.
Although I did not enter your arm growth contest I did in fact give it a shot.
I found that your advice was right on.

Please do not let the idiots discourage you from posting on this site.
I for one am intrigued by your knowledge.
You definately have information that will benefit us all.
I did in fact notice an increase in arm size. A quarter inch is a hellofa bump when your at 18 inches at 46 years of age.
Keep them coming.
This is the stuff that we need here.


Second that.