Dr Darden - Peri Workout Nutrition

Hi Ellington,
Please can I ask what your thoughts are on the following post workout peri nutrition drink:

10 fl oz water
3 fl oz orange juice
4 mg salt

Seems very high in salt to me



Hi Jeff, not the Doc, but 4 miligrams of salt is like 0.016 tsp, or like a quarter pinch or less. I dont really know how you would measure it without a pharm scale.

Not too much salt.

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Thanks. Whoops. It’s a typo - I meant 4 grams not 4 mg…

RDA is 2.3 grams per day, so, yeah, that is a shitload of salt. Probably retain so much water you would gain weight, but you would never have to pee.

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No protein?