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Dr. Darden, I Hate You

All kidding aside, I’ve been on the Killing Fat diet and 30/10/30 plan for exactly 5 days and between the lack of calories and incredible amounts of Humble Pie…have lost 3 lbs already and feel great. The diet, with cleaner choices has only resulted in occasional hunger; nothing unmanageable. My lifts are now lower than ever but am feeling a great workout and less joint/ligament pain than prior. With my first workout, I was pissed to lift so little but now see the logic.

Granted, it’s an insanely small sample set and half of said 3lbs was likely due to removing creatine from my supplement plan but still, I’m liking this better than I had expected.
I’m posting this in case someone is as dubious about it as I was; hell, I bought the book ages ago and just now buckling down. I’ll keep updating now and then.

Thanks Dr. Darden, I’m hopeful (confident) that I can actually complete a real fat-loss diet for once.

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Are you the guy that yells ‘Fire’ in a crowded place only to say ‘just kidding’ once you have everyone’s attention?

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don’t know why I still fall for clickbait titles in 2021, but I do.


Not sure of your intent here but was just trying to add some levity. I’m happy to delete the post if Dr. Darden is offended.

Moderator, please delete my posts. No hard intended but apparently I am in the wrong. Will not post again. Thank you,

I disagree. I definitely took it as a bit of levity and nothing more. Unless Dr. Darden feels otherwise, I see zero reason to remove the thread.

Sounds like you’re off to a good start. Staying on track, finishing the plan, and keeping us in the loop along the way would be great.


Basically what @ejones1 said. I would have been truly interested in reading why you hate Dr. Darden but alas you wasted my time with click bait. I didn’t imply you needed to take it down but you have my displeasure sir.

OK, I was trying to convey what I ‘hate’ about this program in a funny way. I do ‘hate’ that my lifts are much less and feel weaker as a result. I ‘hate’ that I can no longer just eat pretty much what I want and I ‘blame’ Dr. Darden. I am trying to find some humor in that the program sucks if you want your ego inflated and a full belly.
I suggested it be taken down because I apparently didn’t convey properly what I meant by ‘hating’ Dr. Darden and his program. I also didn’t do a good job of communicating that I am new to this program, blew it off several times before and now feel it’s great for the intended job. I’d like to, a roundabout way, encourage anyone ‘on the fence’ that while there are some challenges, they are fewer/smaller than I expected and that I do indeed value the program. I will complete it when I’ve not completed a ‘fat loss’ program before because this is indeed doable.
Sorry to have wasted your time…and I mean that.
Again, if Dr. Darden wants this taken down or the Mods feel it appropriate, it won’t hurt my feelings one little bit. I’m still doing the program but will now wait until the 6 weeks is up before posting again. I’ll keep it to facts and pictures as well.


I didn’t find any problem with it if fact I knew before reading it that it would be a joke. Other than the fact that he can do more chins than I can there’s no possible reason to hate Dr. Darden, ha ha!!


To continue in a positive vein: the original post mentions the Killing Fat book. This seems like a good point to mention another positive endorsement I heard recently.

This comes from the online Resistance Exercise Conference, which I listened to last fall. They had a round table which included a women who owns 2 X-Force studios in Florida. She was (obviously) a fan of the negative emphasized training that is provided by that equipment. But she also had very positive things to say about Dr. Darden’s diet approach. I came away with the impression that she uses or recommends his Killing Fat diet appraoch with all her clients.

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I have met the owner of the xforce facility in Tampa, very sweet person, and yes she uses the body fat breakthru and killing fat diets as references…all of her clients swear by the program…if you are ever in Tampa, have her put you thru a workout, very intense indeed…i will be paying her a visit in a couple weeks