Dr. Darden, Favorite Book Covers?

Dr. Darden, i was curious what your top 5 favorite covers from your vast collection of books were? In no particular order. There are a number of good ones. I see John Wood at retrostrength has made a couple of them into posters. Would look good on my home gym wall. I’m partial to the ones with Scott Wilson.
Boyer Coe and Casey are pretty good too.

That’s an interesting question.

Here’s a first stab at my favorites.

  1. BIG, with Eddie Robinson seated. It just jumps out at you and says pick me up.
  2. The Nautilus Advanced Bodybuilding Book, with Boyer Coe smiling and his huge right arm looking at you. This book came out right before the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles and we wanted to feature red, white, and blue. It worked Big Time.
  3. The New High Intensity Training, with another big arm up front. This was published by Rodale and editor, Lou Schuler, came up with the design. Anybody know who owns the featured arm?
  4. High-Intensity Bodybuilding with Scott Wilson lifting two heavy dumbbells. Something about this book cover made it keep selling and selling.
  5. How to Lose Body Fat, one of my first little books from 1977, which had a close-up of a woman’s waist with a tape measure tucked into her bikini. This cover had a feel-good, all-American look, which photographer Scott LeGear designed. And boy oh boy, it sold plenty of copies.

Could it be McCutcheon

It’s not Andy McCutcheon’s arm on The New HIT.


No, not Dave Hudlow.

Makes me wonder if it’s your arm Dr Darden

I wish that was my arm and abs. But no.

The forearm looks like Casey Viator, but I’m not sure about those abs.

Maybe a younger Casey?

The cover of “BIG” might be my favorite bodybuilding book cover ever. It immediately conveys that this is a book on building big muscles. It’s such a simple design with a picture and color scheme that are really synergistic, and I think that’s why it works.

If you look through BIG, everything about it (the typestyle, organization, and photos) is large and oversized. There was never a better title and presentation. Thanks to Marty Moskof, who did the layout and design. Plus, the great bodybuilding photos of Chris Lund.


That’s not a young Casey’s arm.

Dr. Darden…I have your book “how to lose bodyfat”, with the tape measure thru the bikini and I have a question

In the book you indicate 1500, 1200 or 1000 calories per day…do you still recommend going as low as 1000 per day to lose body fat as I am looking to experiment with that

1000 calories is too low for most men. It may work for some women.

Ok thanks

Alright - whose arm is it? I’ve got to know at this point!

How about someone posting a picture of this arm so we can all see it?

Yes! I also thought it was McCutcheon, but it wasn’t - so who is it?

One of my favourite is from the GROW book.