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Dr. Darden and Leanness

Just got through reading Ellington Darden’s ‘The New High Intensity Training’ and had to draw issue with his somewhat defeatist attitude toward cutting. Darden rightfully makes a big issue of the influence of genetics on individual body fat levels. However, according to Darden, the majority of trainees - and this includes you - will be unable to reach extremely low levels of body fat.

I’d be the last person to discount the DNA factor, but I’m yet to meet someone incapable of obtaining a decent six-pack. This is likely to come across as bitchy but maybe training a bit longer and revising the high carb diet might produce better results.

If anyone has leaned out using Darden’s methods I’d love to hear from you.

Once most people are in the low teens, diet, and all that that means is the single greatest determining factor of further leanness.