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Dr Contradicts Most of What I Thought I Learned

He says he also takes 100mg a week. Says could be twice a week but no reason to go more often than that. Seemed a little lost when I brought up hcg. Said he gives it to guys when they get off t and want to kick their balls back in gear. Also said 100mg shouldnt shut down my sperm. And that there is no reason to aspirate because it wouldnt matter if it was shot into a vein. Doesn’t even have to get into the muscle as long as its in the fat. I am tempted to start looking around at the clinics but right now I am getting a decent dose of T that cost basically nothing with insurance and i get refills with the promise of doing the blood work in 6-8 weeks which also is free.

This is basically my situation too. Doc doesnt now much so I self educate and handle my own protocol and use him for yearly bloods and the script.

This is wrong. I never aspirated though. Other stuff about 100 and he’s good with 2x a week is good. We can’t win.

Now I am definitely going to e3.5d even though he kinda insisted on weekly. How will this effect my labs? He said do blood on day 6.

The vast majority of guys do once a week injections, and do just fine.

Likely the most common use of hCH in guys.

Although both of my children were conceived towards the end of cycles, I would not gamble on that. Certainly, the count would be reduced, but it only takes one.

I have never aspirated, however I know a couple who have hit a vein. A little scary if you do not know what is happening.

Maybe, maybe not. I know of a few very large guys who were not absorbing until moving to 1.5 inch needles. Plenty here that do subQ and lab results indicate it is absorbed.

I already have 3 kids 8y 2y and 7m and the wife is on the implant so I’m not concerned right now but we may want another one at some point.

What I always did in those instances was 2 weeks before the blood draw I switch to once a week.

The reason why your doctor is contradicting everything you have learned online is because by now you are more educated than he, doctors can’t just go on the internet to figure it out, it’s forbidden to go outside the medical guidelines. The problem with the medical guidelines is they are outdated by decades because no one cares enough to bring them up to date, so doctor make shit up.

I didn’t respond to TRT at all injecting twice weekly for more than 6 months because I hyper metabolize testosterone and excrete testosterone faster than most. Two weeks after starting 20mg every 2 days, before week #2 muscles were getting firm, something that never happen on twice weekly injections.

This belongs in our thread “stupid things doctors say”. The mere mention 100mg “shouldn’t shutdown sperm” tells me he doesn’t really know and is guessing.

Free healthcare is almost the same as no healthcare at all, none of these doctors are likely to know anything about hormones. Doctors who take insurance are more often than not going to be sex hormone ignorant, there really is no doctor in mainstream medicine that exclusively focuses on sex hormone therapies.

Those doctors are all private in anti-aging and sports medicine which is preventive medicine, not sick care.

The thing is he claims to have come from a career in mens health. What that means Idk, kinda insinuates he specialized in this stuff though. He also takes T himself and one would hope him being a Dr would want to know what he is putting in himself and what it’s doing

It just means that he didn’t investigate it too carefully himself. What he does works for him, so he expects it to work for you. He doesn’t know anything about ai’s, so he follows the guidelines - such as they are. I wouldn’t rip on him too hard, it’s impossible to know everything. He seems willing to work with you, and you really shouldn’t be relying on his opinion, you should have your own and do what you decide.
I wouldn’t argue with him, just get your scripts and do what works. And honestly, if you need an AI, then use it, but try starting at 1/4 tab twice a week and up it if necessary. And give it time, it takes as many as 6 weeks to stabilize after changing dosage.

No interest in AIs unless it becomes an issue. I’m hoping my body will regulate things properly given that my low T is because of methadone and not other health issues

If he prescribes and doesn’t interfere with protocols stick with it. If you want more guidance and actually go under the care of a doc doing trt, then find a new doc. Until then you have the resources to get the T and how to implement a protocol. Saves allot of money the way your going.

@jimmy401 I’ve been on trt for 15 months and have never done a single IM shot, all subq. I’m doing 40mg EOD into belly fat near belly button.

TT at trough is around 600-650s and my only non sensitive E2 test I’ve ever had was 25.6.

From reading this board, I think test is absorbed just about anywhere you inject it.

Have you always been at such a high dose or is that because you are doing subq?

Don’t get to close to belly button. Imagine a circle around the entire stomach. Inject in the outer quadrants. I believe my doc states the belly button area has nerves and it can cause issues.

I started at 100mg a week and have slowly worked up over time. I was at 100mg for at least 2 months and doc raised it up to 120mg.

I moved to 140mg myself to try it out and I feel better here so I stayed. Last bloods were in line and he didn’t say a thing, so I’m staying.

Thanks for the heads up. I usually go about 2 inches in either direction with a 30 gauge slin pin and it’s painless. I’ll be careful not to get too close though!

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Yah that sounds right