Dr. Berardi's New System - First Look

The good Doctor has a new weight-loss/management system out. This is really put together nice (like you would expect less!). You get 6 books, 2 audio CDs and 2 DVDs. These are not Downloads/e-books. They are top quality books, the books even include a copy of Gourmet Nutrition (available originally as an e-book only). For a very reasonable price you get a box of good stuff and even a 45-day trial. check it out at http://www.precisionnutrition.com.



I saw that too, and it looks pretty good. I bet there is more info in there (although lots of rehashing) than he gives out for (semi-)free.

I also noticed that its quite similar to the $100 level of his other new book/system

Although there’s nothing wrong with that (being a smart buisness man).

I saw it too…sounds very interesting. I talked it over with the wife and she says go for it…but, she’s a vegetarian and was wondering if the program was geared toward someone like her?

Dr. Berardi…any input?

They claim the price is going up to $150 in the new year, so be an early bird.

I can’t afford that kind of money at the moment, so I’ll give it a pass.

Guess who just ordered himself an early Christmas present?!?!?!

Diet is my weak link. So, I have been reading everything by JB. I had bought the PDF cookbook. I like it. So I decided to get the Precision nutrition. I was thinking of getting the DVD’s and they are included for the same price. So, I figure it can’t be beat. Good thing I have a small family so I can by my self stuff instead of others.


This is a really good deal - bought it for myself yesterday.

Thanks Doc!

I already got his DVD’s a couple years ago. What would be ultra-cool is if he gave an even bigger discount to those who already own those. I’d like to have the audio CD’s and especially the books. Maby he’ll sell those individually?

BTW: At the end of the DVD’s there is a great, and long, sit-down style ‘chat’ with JB and his main man. Check it out, that’s the most informative portion in my opinion. Just talkin’ shop.