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Dr. Berardi on Canadian TV



enjoy, I am.




He's such a cool dude! That woman is actually quite well informed as to nutrition, kind of surprising.


This is great, I originally saw it on YouTube.

To watch many more great videos of Berardi, just do a search for 'John Berardi' in YouTube.

There is so much great stuff on him to watch.


Dr. Berardi is the man.


Nice find.


sharp dude


he seems so nice like what Mr Rogers would have been if he was 25


She wants him.




That's one good looking dude. (no homo)


Yes, she is.

She's also hot, but that's beside the point.



I thought I was the only one who noticed that.


I loved when she said he looks like he weighs 155-160 lbs (but because it's muscle), I bet that had to irk him, lol



JB: "Thanks for having me back!"

Original Transcript:

JB: "Thanks for having me back! Still free after the show?"

(que Japanese school girl giggle)

CW: "Yes, I am, Dr. Berardi!"


Thought the same thing till later on when she mentions how she gained 50 lbs for each of the three kids she had and his reply was "wow that's really alot for someone so small" in a surprised tone.

Lesson: Don't fuck with Berardi


And she lost it all and looks fuckin' great. Dammit.


The son of a bitch is awesome!