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Dr Adrian Dobs in Baltimore Maryland


Just wanted to know if anyone has seen or is aware of this Endocrinologist and can speak first hand about her qualifications.

I just made an appointment. Her list of research & publications suggest she is very knowledgeable in the field of testosterone replacement therapy. She is with Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland.

I thought it would be a good idea to read her research publications. Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting started looking up these studies? I realize some of these papers are only available on line if you subscribe to the service but I'm willing to pay to get the papers. Do we have any old treads that I can read through regarding finding research papers.

The hospitals web site certainly gives you all the information needed to find the papers, I just need to find a good place to look (i.e. library on line or physical).

Hear is an attempt at providing a link to her page on the hospitals web site.



ALot of dr's who are teachers tends to not practice what they preach. I have seen this with many top Dr's. Some Dr's are better teachers then actually practicing MD's or DO's. I saw many hours of lectures and was like wow this person knows there stuff. When I recommended a person to go see them, they came back with not what I suspected as protocol for treatment. So do not be fooled by what you read, but rather ask questions when you call the office about there methodology.


Thanks for the input Hardasnails, do you know of any endos in the area between Phly and DC that you would recommend. My wife is on my ass to see a doctor other than my GP.


i developed idiopathic gyno almost a year ago and went to see her. i was very unimpressed with her. i only saw and talked to her for about 3 minutes. the resident did all the work.

when i asked her what i could do to optimize e2 and testosterone with my diet, all she did was recommended that i halt all supplements. when i told her all i really take is whey protein, she said i should not take it. she claimed that my protein requirements could easily be met with food and that i didn't need much protein at all.

if you havent already made an appointment, you won't be able to get one for atleast 2 months.

i don't know how she measures up as far as t-replacement, but based on my interactions with her, i would look elsewhere.


I help run a clinic that deals with both men and women hormones outside philly that many on here have came to plus we take many insurance as well.

PM me for details.