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DPharm or PharmRXL?


I just got 4 10ml bottles of test-e 300mg/ml. 2 of them are from DPharm (designer pharmaceuicals), and the other 2 are from PharmRXL. I was just wondering if any of you guys ever heard of these or used either of them.


Okay I'm not a user, just read up on steroids occasionally, but why the hell is everyone posting sources lately?

Seriously, you ordered something without looking around first?


He's not posting sources, settle down

Yes, I've "heard" of both of them, both good, PharmRXL is one of, if not, the best (from what I've heard...cough, cough)


both exceptional quality, good purchase


Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to know if someone else heard of them. And i wasn't posting sources. It is a brand name. That is like if someone mentions "British Dragon" their giving out source info. I understand the reason for lashing out at the idiots who ask for scources (we all remember "tell me yours i'll tell you mine"), but come on man. I know the rules. Just asking a question.