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Dozing In after Preworkout Meal

Sort of a strange predicament, but I wonder something. I had an absolutely bad energy day exercising this morning.

The thing is, I took before dawn without looking at the time my D-Aspartic acid, and then dozed back into bed. some time later I ate my breakfast/preworkout meal, looked at the time and again dozed into bed. 70 minutes later I got up and drank by Preworkout formula, and stayed up. Just before training I took my BCAAs.

Is there anything detrimental to my workout progress caused by my lazy start to my day? I only did about 4 minutes of aerobics before I knew I was done.

Nothing that you do in 1 day will have any impact on your progress.

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Oh yeah? What if I spend that day chopping off my limbs? Hmm?

Yeah. Not so smart now, are ya?

Your WILKS coefficient due to weight loss will balance out with your loss of ability, meaning a zero sum outcome.

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false. I can think of 6 things.

Falling down a flight of stairs.
Getting in a car accident.
Being crushed by a piano falling on me, which is also dying, but like a cartoon character.
Forgetting how to move.
Attempting to do the Floss (don’t ask).

Those are the 6 things that I could do in 1 day that will impact my progress.


You need more nihilism in your life.

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Is there a ‘Nihilism in your life for Dummies’ I could pick up at the bookstore? Or is that just Myth of Sisyphus?

speaking of Nihilism. I pulled Being and Nothingness out the other day, thinking I was gonna read it again (I haven’t opened it since college). It’s even harder to read than I remembered. Fuck dat.

That’s absurdisn. Totally different. You can get “Nihilism for dummies” at your local Hot Topic.

…like, just go hang out there. You don’t have to buy anything.

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Hahahahaha, holy fuck, this thread is worthwhile after all.

i suppose I could have REALLY buggered my training day if I decided to doze off in a mobile killing van.

You see I could have woken up in some other city, one where there is a sort of cloudy courtroom.