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Dozens Indicted In Alleged Katrina Scam



Worthless, worthless people. People such as these scammers -- yes, yes IF convicted -- are what we like to call "oxygen thieves."

You know, sometimes I just want to say, "The hell with it," and bring back firing squads.

I did find this line in the story rather amusing: "...the American public can continue its high level of confidence that the American Red Cross will protect the funds that we receive and will properly distribute those."

That confidence wasn't exactly "high" before, was it?


But...but what about the LOOTERS!!?

What is retarded is how the general public seems to largely ignore high end theft but focus so intently on lower level crimes. The debates on these forums that balanced on the edge of accusing crimes of being race related make me wonder.


Be interesting to see if the same level of outrage over what could be classified as white-collar crime will be seen.


The Red Cross put a huge amount of money into deserving peoples hands in a very short period of time during a time of crisis.

I'd like to see any system work perfectly under those conditions.

Instead of looking for reasons to slam the people doing good, the Red Cross, maybe just focus on the clowns trying to cheat the system.

The Prof is right, there is a lot of indignation when the little guy steals a few bucks, but nobody cares when the robber barons get away with millions.

Why do people begrudge the little guy getting away with penny ante stuff when the big pork gobblers are getting away with millions?

Focus your attention on the big crooks...


I think I may have misrepresented my position by making light of the comment at the end of the article. It was a bit off-topic.

The subject of my disgust in this case is indeed those worthless people that are cheating the system.



I have to correct myself...this actually doesn't make me wonder at all. There are just a whole lot of racist mutherfuckers on the planet.


Yes they did. Everyone in my area and the surrounding area was entitled to a certain amount. All they had to do was go get it. And MANY did. Believe me, I'm not surprised that fraud has been discovered. I am surprised that only 49 people have so far been linked. It was so easy to get a few grand from Red Cross that I wondered if they did any kind of checks into the people that recieved the money. You didn't have to be one who lost their house or sustained damage.

Since this area was declared a disaster, we all qualified for $$. Many people I konw who lost nothing got theirs. I didn't. I was just thankful my family and I survived unscathed.


Oh, without a doubt. It's not hard to find a racist motherfucker either. Just ask a couple key questions and they out themselves.


LOL! You are correct, everyone is racist.



Basically, one on every street corner.

Puts fist in the air