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Doyle Kenady Training?

Does anyone know how Doyle trained? I’ve never found anything about this guy and I find it hard to believe nothing was ever written about this guy as strong as he was back in his prime.

I remember reading or hearing somewhere that Doyle just did the lifts with little or no assistance. Might have been in an old Powerlifting USA.

There’s actually a good chance one of his routines is in a back issue of that magazine.

Ok awesome. I wish i could get a copy of that issue. Id love to know if he did the big 3 lifts 3 days a week and how he programed his training. Thank you man.

His beard did most the lifting for him. I know mine has to add atleast 10%.

But idk, with the time period I would say some between a west side barbell type routine and some odd strongman type lifts (tires, yokes, ECT) is probable. it’s allot easier to see how some of the more modern lifters do it. I’ve really been influenced by Dan green, the lilybridges, and Russian training styles.

He was my cousin.