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Doxylin 100mg, Prostatitis

ok have grown some imaginary balls and had a read on prostatitis,the word cancer is not always included with issues on the prostate… Have had some UTI’s over the years so bacterias is the cause.

Have done 75% of the doxylin (antibiotics) and thought the sideeffects where gone. Last night i had vision-problems and tremor followed by a feeling of almost fainting,pluss some mental effects like fever-fantasies. Called the doctor and told this,waiting for him to get back at me on what to do,maybe half the dose will help…

Did some reading on natural antibiotics and got these hits: Grapefruitseeds,garlic,colodial silver,echinacea,vit c,oregano and astragalus.

Someone here treated their prostatitis naturally?

two days since last antibiotic pill. Feel like utter shit,testes have been retracted for many days,mood is awful and are cold all the time,on feet,hands,groin and butt,upper body and face is warm.
I will never take this shit again.

Ordered prostamax,its a natural alternative with dwarfpalmberries (considered the best natural alternative for BPH) as main ingredient,pumpkin seeds and nettle.

Will also try the plant elytrigia repens,lets see how this works.

a bit worry for the fever i have also. this is scary shit…

You should keep similar posts in the same threat and not make new posts. You have a fever, seek medical attention.

I’ll repost the question here then: So is e2 at 90 pmol/l a likely cause of prostate irritation when free test is low along with lh/fsh?
I have mentioned it before but i do have herpes genitalis,not sure if this is linked to prostate problems,but if foreign microbes can reach urine trackts and prostate thru penis,it seems possible that this herpes virus also can take this route and stir shit up?

45 min ago i took 0,12mg of anastrozole. After 10-12min my balls dropped nice and plump,tingeling in the area between scrotum av back there,now soon 50 min since ingested the prostate is significantly smaller,mood is lighter also.

o’wow,mental clarity and energy.

social interactions yesterday was a good experience,mood was bright and i felt awake for once. Today,two days after taking the 0,12mg,prostate is smaller and urinating is no problem at all.

Took further 0,06mg adex yesterday,can train back the right way now,pain and cracking noises in arms are gone which has killed the backworkouts for years. Yesterday i peed 6-7 times in one hour,looks way slimmer today,great pumps and fullness in muscles,erections are good,and herpes is almost healed for the first time since '08.
Found some interesting relations between estrogen-levels and latent herpes simplex,it thrives in high estro:

Almost as i have stepped out of severe estrogen-coma…but still some way to go,i cant imagine how great it must be when ai and test is dialed in.

obviously estrogen has caused alot of shit for several years. test e injected 2 times a week will make it all complete i guess. Have appointment the 10. for digital rectal scan to check things out first. Prostate is almost healed.

switched to aromasin as it has alot more benefits and it has a non-rebound effect when discontinued. I’ll take 6,25mg once a week and adjusts it according to erections and the other symptoms.

Have taken 6,25mg aromasin eod for about 5 days,alot of positive effects,training is extremely good,pump and strength is outstanding. The dose is a bit too high,i will switch to 3,12mg e3d and see how that works.

The 6,25mg dose makes me a bit edgy on anxiety and a bit too irritable along with weakend erections.
I will get the proper dose dialed in and do bloodwork.
I let my body clean out all of it and start over with smaller dose.

I understand that my natty estrogen-levels has a role in the prostate problem,i decided to give aromasin monotherapy a try since the testes do work but is signaling poor,low free test and estro is relative high,according to pubmed articles i im a good candidate for trying this out.