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Downward Rotation, Retraction/Depression of Scapula Issues


So here is the story. There is a long and short version of the story - Below I only include the short version - more details will be provided if required. I’ll greatly appreciate it if someone takes the time to read it and suggest some help.


Last year at 18 I was pursuing my weighted bodyweight training (with weighted pullups/dips) and over the next multiple months I got much stronger/bigger. The main strength/size gains came on the right upperbody thought (right arm, shoulder, lat) and the left remained pretty weak. Due to this imbalance, I cut out all the work on the right side (A dumb move) for the next many months and only pursued for the left. Over this time period, left got much stronger/bigger than before and right by this had gotten much weaker and had been losing mass as well. At this point, my scapula muscles on the right also got much weaker (scapula was winging and weak retraction/depression). I addressed this by re-strengthening retraction/depression on the right-side and by doing horizontal rowing. After a month I was able to restart my pullups and got up to bw + 30lbs. Now after having fixed the issue and building back quickly, I messed up again. I was pulling one day with 1 arm at a time (legs in front on a bench and pulling on smith machine bar) and on one rep, my right arm let go of retraction/depression. Since that 1 rep, I lost ability to pull/push on right side again due to disturbed length-tension of scapula muscles. I’ve also noticed the pec-minor is playing is a huge role as well due to being very tight and overactive currently. Now I’ve been try to fix this for second time now and making very slow progress. All help is appreciated with respect to calming pec minor down and getting retraction/depression/downward rotation back for pulling/push motions. All muscles are strong, just need to refix the scapula and this is not an injury, just requires some work and it should be ok.


Been a few days since I posted - I hope someone can help me. The topic and the issue isn’t that complicated either, it’s just a movement pattern/length tension issue that I’ve fixed a couple months back (screwed it up again) and just need to fix again, except this time I’m having trouble. I’m sure some of you guys have stuff to suggest. All help is appreciated.