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Downtime Between Cycles

What is everyones opinions on waiting between cycles? I mean how much time should pass between one cycle and starting another? My friend is running test 250mg/a week but he is being an idiot and well running 2 cycles back to back…I told him this is a bad idea but he refuses to listen.

I also ran a cycle of oral anvar 40mg a day for 7 weeks. I noticed some nice gains in strenght gains…not much in size but I was happy. It has been about a month and I want to run another one. It would be about 3 week till I get the shipment, so it would be about 2 months in between. Do you guys think this is long enough between?

Also I didn’t use any PCT for the oral anvar, I mean I didn’t have any gyno or any shrinkage in my balls. What would you guys recommend for the PCT for anvar. I mean it is fairly mild, so is PCT even necessary? Also I was planning on upping the dose to 50mg/day.

Any adive would be appreciated. Thanks

The general rule is time on= the amount of time off between cycles.

Test at 250 a week is just over TRT dosage, is your friend seeing gains on this?

Yes my friend is seeing gains…but He never lifter before…yes I know he is an idiot. So in other words he jumped into lifting with “gear” and little knowledge of anything else.

I generally think time on = time off plus 1/4. For example, if you ran a 12 week cycle you would stay off for 15 weeks.

I say this because I just like to give my boys a few extra weeks to work on their own.


[quote]BigSquirrel wrote:
Test at 250 a week is just over TRT dosage, is your friend seeing gains on this?[/quote]

Many guys use this dosage for the first few cycles… in fact, before i ever used the internet - everyone i knew IRL that cycled used to use 250-500mg test and 200-400mg deca as standard.

Great gains can be realised by beginners on that amount of test… the smallest amount above ‘normal’ is enough for dramatic changes… look at the differences between a man and a woman… there is nowhere near 1000mg of test difference there!!


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