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Downloading Torrents?


So I updated my Limewire today in order to get the new Mastodon album. My old Limewire wouldn't connect to the network.

Anyways, get the new one and it downloads, but won't show up in the library. Fuck limewire. What do you guys use to download your torrents?


Why don't you just use rapidshare or similar sites... Get your links from some metalblog or whatever?
You have the album in 2-5 min depending on the connection and time of day (how many people are using the service), even as a non-registered user.

(honestly curious)


Utorrent is the best torrent client.


Yes it is. I like it much better than Limewire.





More people should use Rapidshare - it's THE BEST way to download anything.


The reason bittorrent is more popular than rapidshare is that bittorrent does not require a server to back any files.

bittorrent works by sharing parts of the file instead of the entire file one big chunk at a time. You can connect to thousands of users and download tiny pieces from each user even if that user does not have the entire file.

Also because bittorrent splits the main file into thousands of little pieces, the download can be stopped and started as much as you want without having to worry about connection to any serer.

i know that's a bit of a confusing description of how bittorrent works but you can actually learn all about bittorrent from wikipedia:






isohunt or mininova.org to find the torrent



i use bitcomet


I prefer demonoid.com for some more rare torrents, but as a client, uTorrent takes the cake. Azureus has gone down the drain.


this is were i get all my albums

google... for your search type in artist and album then put megaupload and usually there you go


I use azureus and mainly private torrent sites. Would like a stripped down version of azureus therefore may try utorrent again.


Just got uTorrent and the whole album in 3 minutes. Thanks for all the suggestions!


Anyone actually purchase a rapidshare account? Are there any benefits other than not having to wait 30 minutes between downloads?


http://rockbox.psychocydd.co.uk/ for all your metal torrents


I use bittorrent and mininova.org

Never had any problems


uTorrent & private torrent sites all the way.


torrentz.com as a master torrent search engine in great.


I still use Azureus (currently known as Vuze). Can anyone tell me the benefits of uTorrent over Azureus?