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Downloading music n stuff

What do you fellow T-men feel is the best site for downloading music. Looking for a simple program with good access. Is P2P the best way to go? Who has had luck with what? Tried Aimster but the program kept making my PC do weird shit so I had to delete it.

try kazaa.com or morphius.com

Try audiogalaxy.com, their agsatellite is ok, doesn’t give any trouble.

i’ve had great luck with MusicCity Morpheus which you can check out at musiccity.com, i sure miss napster though. cool thing about Morpheus is that you can search for video, images, software and documents in addition to audio files.

I use morpheus & winmx

Kazaa uses the same servers as morpheus but slightly diff. graphical user interface…might want to check that out as well. But, if you are tech savvy at all i’d recommend using mIRC (its a prog. used to connect to IRC channels)…you can get the best stuff off there with simple script commands. Might be rather complicated for some…but it is the best once you know what your doing

Ive used napster, winmx, and morpheus. I like Morpheus way more than all of them.

Thanks for the info… lookes like I’ll give morphius a try.

I got kicked off the internet at my dorm at college for a week because Sony scans Aimster for copyrighted songs that you have shared then contacts the University threatening to sue if they don’t shut you down. Can they even really do anything? Anyhow because of this I use Audiogalaxy and at my house use Limwire which also gives me access to free porn including fine movies by Jenna Jameson and Kobe Tai.