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Downloading Media Morally Justifiable?


Book, music, videos, software...is downloading it illegally--through torrents, peer-to-peer sharing, or uploading services--wrong?

Why or why not?


I only download porn and music. Movies and software take way too long to download.

As far as wrong or right.... It's a slippery slope. I always wind up buying most of the music I download, so I don't feel too guilty about it.

As far as porn goes....I don't think anyone feels guilty about downloading porn. Years before I discovered I could actually get the porn for free, I was a member of several different paysites. Paysites always rip you off anyways, most of them cost 30 bucks a month and lie to you about how much content they actually have.

Anyway, the only black and white area I see is with music. I see it like this, if you want your favorite bands to keep making music you should buy their shit. Besides, cds only cost around 10 bucks. 10 years ago they cost twice that. Music is pretty cheap nowadays, so there isn't much of an excuse.

This reminds me of this story I read this morning:


I view the software / movies and such as getting it as a trial version... I personally hate spending 50$ on a piece of software to find out it doesnt do what I thought it did or doesn't do what it advertises well. This same thought goes for video games.

If I like a piece of software or a game I will purchase it. Same goes for movies and music. I will pay for what I like, I just don't like paying for what doesn't work.


I would SO download a fucking car.


Speaking of that story Skaz, how do they know what people to bust?

I've downloaded hunreds upon hundreds of songs, and that women only downloaded 24.

As far as seeing it wrong or right, I really don't care. The chance of getting caught is so small, and being in school, there are way better things I can spend that 10 dollars on.

Trial version? Screw that. I already have what I want, why would I then go out and pay for it so I can have it again.


music and movies are ART, artists do art because they love art, even if they didint get paid a dime they would do it anyway because their love for art. An artist loves that ppl like their job, and would do anyhting possible to share his/her art to the ppl.

They do it for the art not for the money, if they do it for the money then they are not artists, but they say they are, so they are liars, and liars dont deserve respect or money.

Anyway, hollyood movie stars, and music industry stars seem to be doing ok with bentleys and mansions, I doubt they are being affected by piracy.


You realize not all artists are rich living in Hollywood? There are tons of poor artists trying to make it with albums out. Most of the very well-known artists make most of their money off of promotions and not record sales.

And your argument of who deserves what is illogical. If somebody made something, they deserve credit for it. Pirating music is effectively stealing, regardless of the motives of the artist.

I haven't bought media since fifth grade, but I'm just making an argument.


Exactly. In fact, every artist -- big or small -- makes very little off record sales.

I'm not interested in debating the morality or legalities of downloading music, but understand this: The small-time, local artists have benefited from the internet and download-able music extremely well. It gets their name out there like nothing else.



I couldn't care less about downloading crap, I'm not about to pay 10 bucks for a cd that will last a week before it gets a little scratch on it then its worthless to me. God forbid I put it on my computer because then at that point the government will think I downloaded it anyway.

And most of these poor artists trying to make it big put their shit on youtube trying to get attention.

Also, I think on a technical standpoint its copyright infringement to copy peoples pictures to your hard drive, then upload them as your avatar.


Anyway, the way I see it, is all I'm doing is moving little pieces of magnetic metal from one position to another. Lots and lots of little pieces.


i download music and i really don't care. the only bands i actually buy music from are ones like Andrew Jackson Jihad when i can get all their stuff for around 20 bucks. As far as downloading music from more well know popular artist ehhhh.

Oh and for porn there's always Redtube, gotta fucking love it.


I think you just made a bunch of shit up.


well if you got the Money buy the damn thing and support the artist.

If your not that rich then just get it for free baby

Sorry guys but If its out there for free ---- Im notta paying for it =)

-On a side note Inventing the portable MP3 Player, ruined it for every artist.
These days your better off selling your Song as a ring tone for cell phones..wait they got that shit for download also dont they...lol

sad stuff =(


I would buy CD's if I could get them for 10 bucks. As it stands, they're always late to get here and cost 20-30 bucks, so FUCK IT.

Also, I buy Blu-Rays, but sometimes I'll download movies for the chance to watch them in English early on.


I'm all for it just don't make the same mistake as me, I downloaded 80.5 gig in 1 month got a letter through the door other day explaining that i was using more than my fair share lol
They capped my downloads


agreed. Not to mention some of us grew up with this being "ok" to do. Not saying that makes it right, just socially acceptable among certain age groups.


Technically not the gov't, but the RIAA. They've really done a lot to endear file sharing to me; if they want to run the music industry as shittily as they do, I don't have much of a problem with people taking away their 95% cut of an album sale or whatever. I'd feel worse about it if it felt like stealing cookies from grandma.

I love that they do this - I've purchased direct from many independent bands because of this (or MySpace, or similar).

Correct. It's just that normal people don't care.

Side note, I'm glad that people are calling it file sharing for the most part instead of pirating. Copying files is pretty different than killing limeys at sea to take their gold.


Holy shit, I'd have to buy a fucking parking lot.


I only download if I want to hear the songs before I buy them.

If I like the music and want to keep it, I always pay out of respect to the artist.

Also, there is some material that you just can't buy on itunes (like rare recordings), and that's fine to download as far as I'm concerned.


Fuck paying for shit, there's so much stuff you have to pay for that you can't download for free. Like hoes, food, and ... hoes.