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Downloading Free Music


Whats the best source while avoiding viruses?


Download Bit Torent,Go to pirate bay,look for what your looking for,click on download,click "Open with Bit Torrent" and when it is finish downloading,it is in the file that says "Downloads" Oh and uh..make sure you already bought the album you just downloaded because if you dont,then thats stealing. :wink:


bittorrent. A private tracker if possible. Demonoid is the one I like to use. You may need an invite, and apparently I have no invitation codes.


http://tehparadox.com/ and katz.cd - sign up for an account and use the search function. All the download links are posted on file-hosting sites which make you wait 45-60 seconds to download. Just make sure you click on "free user" or "slower download"


for average quality single mp3 stuff - http://beemp3.com




I use torrent pond through frostwire.


demonoid invite:






invite: AmirightXdjt8su6ugd9nk7c4a76toj8bpgk034


I used Limewire for the longest time. Cost me 20 bucks 6-7yrs ago. Only time I got called out was when I downloaded some song that Wind-up records owned. Sent me a e-mail from their lawyer saying they were going to sue me. I stopped downloading anything else from that company. Other than that, never had a problem.

Did notice they're on lock down now. Court ordered shut down until they work some things out. I think it's a Napster type issue. Never got one virus & downloaded a shit load of music.


why lol


grooveshark.com is free and has plenty of music you can always have access to if you're connected to the net.



Also - searching this in google works... "artist album blogspot"... i.e., "Kreator Violent Revolution blogspot" and that will bring up blogs w/ links to mediafire, rapidshare, etc.


^True, but you can't download. They also don't have as much to choose from.




Why can't you download?

But you are right - a lot of the time more obscure/less known genres are posted on blogs.


Oh yeah how could I forget SOULSEEK!!! Probably the best because you can find ANYTHING.


For single tracks google the song title and artist, or part of either, and just add 'zippyshare' to the end. You can listen to the track before you download it too.
ie "Afrojack zippyshare"