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Downloading Free Music Safely


I used to use limewire on my computer to download music. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how I could go P2P or something to build my music library on my new laptop safer.






Fuck the RIAA.

Hell limewire's the way I've learned to like most of the artists I like, the same artists that I now patronize when they put out a new CD.

If more folks had more music worth listening to more consumers would he happy to pay for it.


Limewire is very fast but on eMule you find more songs


Get a good torrent tracker site. Preferably a password protected site. Be very careful of using major torrent sites. I received a letter from the cable company after I downloaded Flags of our Fathers on torrentspy before it got shut down.


If you're really paranoid about getting caught, download Audacity (free) and record a song while playing it through free.napster.com (legal). No one knows you did it.


Check out seeqpod.com


If you must get your music for free (i.e: are sick of DRM crippled files sold thru regular channels, etc..) try bittorrent. By far the best thing that happened to P2P. And if you must tap on the Gnutella network, at least use Frostwire (as opposed to the bloated and commercial Limewire).


I agree with Lixy, Torrents are definitely the way to go. It's easier when you want to download ALBUMS not just songs. Or the entire Discography of an artist.

I don't think Limewire's that fast, considering I've downloaded an entire album in 9 minutes with Utorrent.


I rarely use torrents anymore, I personally believe forums are really the best place. Good forums are quite private, and links are collected and posted by the members, plus signup is free.

All you need is a rapidshare account (not essential) and you can download pretty much anything, plus I always have full speed on rapidshare links (800-900kb/sec on an 8mb line).

Try something like warez-bb.org, you won't regret it.


As has been said before, torrents are the best way to go. If you do choose to use something else, the safest way is to not share files. I know, sounds pretty jackass, but the way the RIAA entraps people is to have one of them share a song, wait for someone to download it, and download it back off of them. If you're not sharing, it won't happen to you... or at least your chances are pretty well diminished.


album base



otherwise I use soulseek

or use Trent Reznor


Thanks. Very cool site, but a lot of work. I use sideload.com in a similar fashion.


Rapidshare is nice and all, but saying that unique-servers ran by a corporation is superior to bittorrent swarms is pushing it.


Oink Oink.. Torrents, encrypted with utorrent 1.6.1 of course. Be sure to use a private tracker, all public trackers suck.

another thing you can do is use Napster(free 7 day trial or w/e), download everything you want in about 3-4 days, then convert them using a wma to mp3 program(tunebite is a good one). You now have DRM free music. You have to convert in the 7 day period.


RIAA can easily see all IPs downloading a file using torrents. If you're downloading chunks of the file then you are uploading chunks of the file you have received. Using newsgroups seems to be the best way to go for right now and you will download at your full connection speed.


Look up Modblock or Peerguardian.


I use Peerguardian, but who knows how many IPs are let through before they are added to the list.