Down to 210 from 280 lbs, Need Help Going Farther

I used to weigh 280 until I cleaned up my diet and started lifting 3 days a week now Ive got down to 215 but Ive been stuck here for a while. I had a Dexa scan that put me at 27% BF currently. I need help tweaking diet and workout to get BF % way down, I have a fair amount of muscle on me so Im not super concerned with adding more going forward but I certainly want to preserve what I have.
Current workout is full body 3 days a week, 3x10. Every few months I switch to 5x5.
*Workout A
Standing military press
Bent over row
Flat DB press
Leg press

*Workout B
Seated DB shoulder press
Reverse grip bent row
Decline DB press or flyes
Stiff legged deadlift
Neutral grip pullup

*Workout C
Face Pulls superset with rear cable lat raise
Lat pulldown
Incline DB press
Deadlift 3x5 if heavy 3x10 if going light

I hate to admit but Im lazy a lot of times and dont do abs or cardio, I just dont like doing them. Im making a dedicated effort to fix that currently by adding HIIT 3 days a week.

I have digestion issues which makes dairy and a lot of meat out of the question. Had some tests done the other day and will be working with chiro and nutritionist to fix that in 2 weeks. Although I have no intention of adding dairy at any point. I wont eat any meat that I dont kill, luckily Im a pretty good hunter/fisherman so the freezer is full of vension, duck, salmon and trout.

Current diet looks something like:
Oatmeal, hemp seeds, peanut butter, eggs, spinach/kale, mushrooms, RawMeal protein shake, salad, bags of peas, lots of veggies and small amount of meat for dinner. And beer, too much beer.

I shoot for 2000 calories 100g protein, as few carbs as possible but beer really messes up those numbers a handful days a week and Im going to say bye bye to beer after Christmas.

I never had to count calories because when you live on McDonalds and Budweiser all you have to do to lose weight is stop doing that!

Any suggestions on changing workout or diet (besides from the obvious quitting alcohol) is greatly appreciated.

Change your attitude.

Can you elaborate?

LOL Didn’t think his attitude was that bad…

Anyway, I know you wanted more tips than drop the beer but I think you’ll find you’ll go a long way just by cutting back there. Until that stops working, there isn’t a need to do more than necessary.

If you want a longer term plan:

  1. Cut beer, add water (if necessary)
  2. Fix breakfast
  3. Fix lunch
  4. Fix dinner

When you have successfully done one for 4 weeks, move to the next one (success means do it 90% of the time e.g. that 25 of your 28 breakfasts were, dare I say it, on point)

I wasn’t talking about the beer.

Words are strong motivators and de motivators.

You are hopefully fixing your gut issues, so that is good.

On top of that try just going for a walk everyday. I dont know where you live, but outside is better than on a treadmill. You mentioned you are an avid hunter, so i assume you have some appreciation for nature/woods and know of some trails you can go on. Mentally it will make a huge difference and its the easiest form of exercise you can do, use it to help break you out of that slump of being lazy. Personally, I really enjoy trail running.

Congrats on the weightloss so far. Unfortunately its the first few pounds (or a lot of pounds in your case) that are the easiest to shed.

When you get stuck sometimes a small changed implemented consistently can get the fat loss going again. Like strongmangoals suggested “fixing” one meal can be that change. If you eat pretty consistently day to day such a change will start being reflected in weight loss.

Another change you can make is adding in more activity e.g. cardio. Tbh I hate myself. I know that it’s hellishly boring but what I’ve found works well for me is putting on your favorite TV show jumping on the stationary bike and spinning your legs until the show is done or you’ve done enough cardio. Time flies by and if you’re gonna binge watch series anyways why not burn a few calories.

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Do this…
or tack these on to your workouts

obviously cut back on the booze and up your protein to 150+grams, other than that your choice of foods id pretty good

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Thanks for the constructive advice. I am going to do the Waterbury Summer Project, in the winter ironically. I will find a way to get some more protein in me.
Im joining the transformation challenge on this forum, so I will keep everybody posted.
Watch out!

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Whenever I’ve tried to lose a little fat, I’ve found that protein is my best friend. Fats & proteins are both more satiating than carbs generally, but since fats have 9 calories/g and protein has 4/g, protein is the way to go.

It’ll keep you full for longer than a meal full of carbs would, it will help preserve/increase your muscle mass, and it tastes good. Venison, duck, salmon, and trout…my mouth is watering.

I agree with the guys who suggested walking. It sounds super cliche, but walking can energize me, clear my head, etc. It’s also one of the easiest motor patterns to perform so the only thing you have to be concerned about is how long you’re going to walk for, and the weather. Voila. Good luck bro

Edit: I don’t want it to sound like I’m saying “only eat protein.” No. Eat your fruits and veggies for carbs and peanut butter. Just don’t go crazy with that stuff