Down Low on Grow!, Please

what the hell is Grow! i know its protein but what are the numbers and why does every1 brag this sht up?

what the hell is the English language? I know its words, but why does every1 fuck that shit up?

Mark, I don’t suppose it would be too much trouble for you to actually click on the link for Low-Carb Grow! and read the thread there. Who knows, it might actually contain information! Information is good; it keeps people from asking stupid questions.

allright i just read about Grow!.i wasnt really to interested about what T-Nation is selling but would still like to know how it stacks up with other sure its the magic shit,lol.

What the f**k are you even doing here? If you don’t like what Biotest has to offer, get the hell off the site.

Read dumbass. They still teach that in school, right?

ya, i feel kind of stupid now.the Grow! link was i see it i know what it is and im sorry for wasting space,but i would still like to know how it compares.


At worst, it’s as good as other proteins and costs less. At best, it’s better than all the standard whey products because of the miceller casein. It’s stated that Low Carb Grow! contains more miceller casein than any other protein powder. Do a search on the site on miceller casein for more info on what that’s all about.

Learning is teh fun!

[quote]mark lonnie jr wrote:
doesnt the casein taste like shit though,i thought it was what the nitro tech was made of.

You are talking about Biotest’s product here. IMO, no other brand can compare to the taste that Grow! or Low Carb Grow! has(at the moment); taste and quality! Get yourself one. And I am pretty sure I am backed up by most (if not all) T-Nation members by saying “You won’t regret it!”

ehh f*** taste, your tounge doesnt affect how your muscles grow. But the stuff is realy good.As far as the quality of it, the quantitity of it per container, its the best i have found on the net.

[quote]Superman wrote:
ehh f*** taste, your tounge doesnt affect how your muscles grow…[/quote]

Alright, tough guy! Just kidding. The point is that most people are going to be a whole heckuva lot more likely to use Grow! everyday for a year than Optimum’s Tub-O’-Whey. Your taste buds may not do anything for your muscular development, but they sure as hell play a role in psychological aversions to a product.