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Houma Man Accused Of Biting Postal Worker
Police Say He Ran Across Street Barking


NEW ORLEANS -- Houma police on Wednesday arrested a man for allegedly biting a postal worker.

Mark Plumb, 20, faces one count of simple battery.

According to investigators, a mailman was delivering mail to Plumb's address when Plumb ran toward him from across the street, barking like a dog, and bit him on the shoulder.

Police said Plumb then ran back across the street and into a home.

Plumb was jailed at the Terrebonne Parish Jail.

A simple battery conviction can result in a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $500 fine.



Great ! All we need down here in Louisisana . One more thing to make everyone think we are all crazy .
Oh well


Here in Texas we don't think you're crazy............we know.


It's okay. Really.

You're like the drunk uncle that everyone forgets about until you do keg stands at Grandpa's funeral.


Actually had an uncle who was standing at the back of his truck, drinking beer while waiting for the procesion to leave the funeral home. And yes he was from Louisiana.


Uncle Enus? Small world.


Nonc A'Rmos and Nonc E'Rmos; the twins.
Nonc E'Nus was their older brother;an He'nry was the oldest.A few of my Great Uncles.

Then again we are talking about Houma La. Thats south/south La.Thank goodness I am from CenLa.


Since we're discussing Louisiana.

Obligatory Cajun Joke

What is foreplay in Louisiana?

"Hey sis, you awake?"

Two Cajuns, Boudreaux and Thibodeaux are discussing a letter Boudreaux got in the mail

"Thibodeaux, what this big word on chere?"

"it say this letter a subpoena."

"What dat mean Thibodeaux?"

"Well Boudreaux to understand big word like dat, you needs to break it down to its roots. Now it all sound Latin. So lets see. Sub means below somting. And poena, thats Latin for penis. So it mean below the penis."

"In other words they got you by the balls Boudreaux."


Another strike against us. Not all of us southern Louisianians are crazy or drunks or trailer trash or river rats or stump jumpers or hillbillies or hicks or inbread or.....