Down And Out in The Gym

Due to a recent sports injury I have not been able to lift for 5 months. The only thing I could do was ride a bike which got old fast so needless to say I have gained a lot of fat despite being 15lbs lighter. The problem comes here. I have practically lived in the gym since high school, so I have gone from being quite strong to being very week, and out of shape.

I am embarrassed to see my friends in the gym and end up barely working out at all if I even go. I know it is a stupid thing to think about and before I started back I though I was above it but it is really getting to me. Has anyone gone through this or have any suggestion. I am most likely just being a baby and just need to suck it up, but still…

Stop being a little girl and leave your ego at the door.

I spent the last year recovering from injury after injury because I couldn’t pace myself on my road back to strength after being hospitalized for a while and being in-active for a while after that.

Get back in the gym and take it easy.

There’s no rush. Once I finally figured that out it was smooth sailing and I should have been at the spot I’m at now 6 months ago.

What he says. And, your friends should support you if they know what you’ve been through.
You’ll gain back what you lost fast. Give it a few weeks.

I broke my hand back in october. So i was out of the gym for about a month or 2.

I know where your coming from, it sucks, cuz you feel like shit and you look like shit, but have fun with it. Your body really does have muscle memory. You’ll gain what you had a lot quicker than it originally took. I could do pushing movements fairly easy, but anything that involved pulling (grip) was horrible, my numbers were pathetic, but hey, what was I gonna do, not lift?

BE glad you’re able to come back at all. I’ve had some horrific injuries, and seeing the muscle reinflate just kicks ass.