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Down 58 Lbs. Now What?

i took this one this morning. i also put it in the beginners forum. what do you guys think i have to do now?

also can anyone estimate what my body fat % may be?


also can anyone estimate what my body fat % may be?


Hold up a shoe and we’ll be able to tell you


Anyway I would say 10% or so since we can see your abs. I’m guessing you are 180 after your cut down? Now its time to add some muscle mass. Start uping your cals again and hit the weights heavy.

Down 58lbs, Now What? First off, congrats on the big weightloss. In my eyes theres only one way to go. Start building some muscle on that frame. You look pretty lean rite now, cutting some more wouldn’t make much sense. Start slowly adding more cals to your diet and start lifting. Good luck!

Go up 58lbs.

[quote]Dexter Morgan wrote:
Go up 58lbs.[/quote]


Gain muscle and don’t be afraid of adding some fat in the process.

now get a full body wax.

First off, nobody here wants to see your pube’s dude. Pull up your pants. Secondly, I’d recommend going back to more food heavy lifting and then cut when summer hits again.