Doug Santillo

I posted a message several weeks ago about anyone doing a longer than 2 week cycle of Androsol, and so far I am 1 week into my 5 week cycle and was wondering how you had progressed, Doug?

I’m going into week 5 of a morning only, 70 sprays schedule of Androsol. I wash it off every day at 7. So far I’m up 5 lbs, which I’m pretty happy with. I’m planning on keeping this going for a full 12 week cycle. My initial goal was 10 lbs of retained muscle and an inch on my arms, and it looks like I’m gonna meet both of those goals.

What is your diet like, doug? I’m eating like a pig going at 2/sprays/day. I’m going on to an immediate cutting phase and was hoping for maximum kept gains. after 1 1/2 weeks I’m already up 4lbs (3 are probably muscle).

I’m eating quite a bit, but not as much as I would with 2 sprayings per day. I weigh 193 right now, and I’m taking in 4,000 cals per day, 250g protein.

Generally speaking, I’m of the opinion that slower, steadier gains are of better quality than super fast, 12lbs in two weeks type of gains. So in my opinion this morning only dosing of Androsol will ultimately be more effective than two weeks of heavy usage followed by four weeks off. Extremely rapid gains are difficult on the joints and supporting structures of your musculature, and they’re also not as stable in my opinion. The slower the gains the more permanent they usually are. Of course, this is only my opinion…

As for you going immediately into a dieting phase upon completion of your cycle, DON’T. I made that mistake the first time I used Androsol, and my gains all but vanished. Take at least a four week period to solidify your gains. This may be overkill, but it won’t hurt. You might even consider taking these four weeks as an opportunity to add a couple more pounds. Use Tribex and Methoxy-7 and see what happens. After those four weeks, then start your diet.

As for your training, keep the same program going, (should be a high volume, hybrid strength/hypertrophy program) for one week following completion of your Androsol cycle, and switch to either a hypertrophy or strength program depending on your goals. If you’re going to start dieting immediately after, I would go with a maximal strength phase, and save the higher reps for when you start dieting.

Doug, have you noticed any negative side effects (e.g. rock shrinkage) or are you taking something to combat this possibility. Thanks for the feedback.

No, I haven’t had any side effects… and I’m not taking any anti-estrogens.

Thanks doug, I appreciate the advice I will be going on tribex-500 post cycle although I may go 2 weeks of maintenance before going on my diet phase, sorry I’m impatient. You are right about continuing to gain though, after my first 2 week cycle, while I was on tribex a gained an additional 4lbs in 3 weeks.