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Doug Miller Shakes Up The World


Doug miller one week from a 2014 showing

haha my jaw pretty much dropped and i basically stared at each picture in disbelief for a good 20 minutes


Most muscular with aliens in biceps


"and then I told them I was natural"


His shoulders aren't full of synthol though so that's something...


i saw that back double bi shot on another site, what's up with all the lines in the shoulders? especially the right?


I really want to believe...I mean someone's gotta be the best! Obviously his muscularity is insane, but he doesn't have that somewhat soft, inflated look that typical users have. He's so dry and dense! Doug is very close with Cliff Wilson, and I respect Cliff as much as anybody in the sport. So that goes a long way with me. Until proven otherwise, he's natural in my eyes



are you being serious?


Dunno man...How does he compare to Whitacre?

I can see Whit actually being natty but who knows...

ps: The vid is one of the best motivation for actually competing in BBing I have ever seen.


Yes. Not sure how to word it, but he's much more aesthetic


lol, just stop


I know what Pwolves is getting at,

heres a shot of IFBB pro Akim williams 10 days out, back looks kind of washed out compared to dougs

but at the end of the day having a dry look isnt proof that one is natty or not, as some PED users can get that ultra dry lean look.

natty or not though, doug has an incredible physique which is better than 95 percent of PED users will ever obtain


Thanks Grind, that's a good image of what I was referring to. I completely understand the skepticism, and I'm not 100% convinced myself, but Doug has passed every drug test he's ever taken and until that's not the case he deserves respect. I'm very hesitant to make drug accusations against anyone who competes on the natural side, as that is a major attack on a person's character who I personally don't know at all.


I can't tell if you guys are being serious or just dedicated to trolling..

Akim Williams is like.. a brand new IFBB pro.. he hasn't come into contest conditioned yet... hes been at least 5 weeks out in all of his shows.. hardly a fair comparison. the only steroid users I know who have that look that pwolves is referring to, is the guys who compete at the open in the Olympia and other top tier IFBB shows. those guys are more focused on the size game, and sacrifice conditioning to bring a bigger and bigger package.

look at the 212 guys.. aaron clark, Eduardo correa, and jose Raymond were absolutely peeled..and they use everything that's available. they have to cut a considerable amount of weight just to make it into the class (at least Aaron does).. so their conditioning is always on point.

I guess I can't blame you guys for not knowing what you are talking about when it comes to AAS and other PEDs


Nah, it really is shit evidence. At best it shows that he isn't using the everything-goes-PED strategy that the big guys use, which would of course be ridiculous for a "natty" competitor.


To be fair, I never said I fully beleive he's natty, I respect both sides opinions. I just thought I knew what pwolves was trying to say, but it's also true what walkway said, tons of 212 ifbb guys come In dry and insanely lean.


I understand the desire to hold on tightly to the belief that this sort of development is achievable without drugs. For too many years this is what I told myself, just keep training, eating and taking the latest and greatest supplements and it is just a matter of time.

Progressed over the years, yes.

But not this sort of thing.

The sooner you let it go, the better off you will be. Trust me.


I always liked Doug. He's a bright guy, and a great bodybuilder. In terms of whether he's clean or not, the giant asterix next to his name in my "competitors whose physiques I admire" list is because he only competes in the IFPA, which has always been the home for guys who either can't pass, or have already failed a Wnbf drug test but still want to claim "natural" or "drug tested" status.

Regardless though, the guy obvioulsy has not only amazing genetic gifts, but a work ethic that most gym rats wouldn't comprehend.



Is this turning into a natty or not debate...?

The answer is pretty clear

Perhaps this sort of thing is why this forum is so dead 100% of the time


This, to me, is like saying there are 2 opinions on gravity.

I thought Walkway was joking when he said this guy claimed to be natural. Then I googled him. Not a chance.


Dude, seriously?