Doug K.'s Article

This weeks article by Doug K. was great. The alternative herbs to Kava sound interesting to try especially for T-Men who train so much. One question though. I thought that anything smoked was harmful to the lungs because of carbon minoxide? If so, why would Doug K. recommend it?

I think he said that they can be smoked, but don’t have to be and could be encapsulated by a supplement company. Which one are you talking about exactly?

I think he was just discussing all the different methods of using the substances, not necesarily recomending any one in particular.

you’d probably have to smoke 20 to 30 joints of kava a day to get the carbon minoxide effect. I don’t think anyone would be dumb enough to do that.

The herbs that I wrote about can (but do not have to be) smoked. They can also be brewed into a tea (most likely the best method), the next best method is to dry the herbs out and encapsulate them into “00” caps or something to that nature. Also, not everything smoked contains carbon monoxide (nicotine when burned does). These herbs can also be used in acceptable methods and IMO may be better than true kava for so many applications.