Doug Hepburn!

Hi Christian,

I’ve been reading everything about Mr Hepburn, including your articles. I’ve seen that he had several programs, the most know seems to be the 8 sets of 2-3 reps method of progression.

However I saw a post by a lifter who trained under him saying that Hepburns go to was either 4-10 sets of 1 (adding a set each WO) or 4-10 sets of 3 (adding set each WO)

Could you tell me what difference there is between
8 sets of 2-3 adding a rep each WO
4-10 sets of 3 adding a set each WO

Totally irrelevant and just personal preference or is there a real physical difference between the two ? Which do you prefer?


P.S I’m trying his methods as it reminds me of the high frequency stuff you used to post. 10 years ago I made the best strength and size gains of my life doing a program inspired by your work.

WO1: Power Snatch & Squat
WO2: press from pins & floor press

Training 6 days a week, all sets of 3 as heavy as I could whilst keeping constant rep speed & as many sets as I could do until performance dropped.

It’s honestly fairly similar in term of rate of progression. I don’t prefer either one because I personally can’t train like that, I’m not someone who can personally stay on a program as long as it is needed to reap the benefit of the Hepburn progression model (you basically have to stick with it for at least 5-6 months since the rate of progression is so slow).

I guess that the set of 2-3 adding a rep per workout would build a bit more size due to the higher volume.