Doug Brignole Passes

Another one passes on, age 63

I only just found out.Too young. He seemed pretty responsible and conservative with his anabolic usage, would go off, or low dose trt when off cycle. Any idea on the cause of death?

I enjoyed his writing on exercise selection, and technique. He made valuable contributions.

I have no idea whether Covid or the vaxx played a role, but here’s a short video that speculates, and shows Doug’s take on the vaxx issue. Ironic, maybe??? It remains to be seen.
He was vaxed and said “If I Die, You Were Right”…guess what happened? Sure did. (

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cause of death is unknown or not published

Best to wait and see if a cause of death is revealed. Just because he looked healthy, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t walking around with a time bomb inside.

The big 5 causes of sudden and unexpected death seem to:

  • fatal arrhythmia
  • myocardial infraction
  • pulmonary embolism
  • aortic aneurysm
  • ischemic or hemorrhagic strike.

Heart attacks seem pretty common among steroid using body builders. John Meadows was also careful, but had a clotting disorder. Ken Leistner was rumored to have died from an aortic aneurysm.

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Welp, that post did not age well.

Shame about his passing, seemed to be fairly conservative with his gear usage, was surprised to hear he passed so young. Will be interested to see what the cause of death is.

Props for him standing his ground and being open about it.

I don’t think i agree with making these dead jabbed-up athletes a political thing, but I’m glad i didn’t… this isn’t a new opinion of mine.

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there was no info that he had any health issues. in fact he was training for some 2023 events. we can only suspect he died from the vaxx, and I think this is the most likely scenario. everyone who took this is a ticking time bomb. just because you’re ‘fine’ first couple weeks after you took it doesn’t mean anything. the body is clotting and eventually something breaks.

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Only? Couldn’t have possibly been anything else?


I don’t see a reasonable path to that conclusion. We don’t even know the cause of death yet.

We know that the actual virus can cause heart issues. I know someone who was around his age who died in her sleep from a heart attack, and she didn’t have the Vax (she was opposed to it). She had spent about 2 weeks in the hospital with Covid a few months prior.

I am not certain about any of this, but it seems the people that get the worst cardiovascular effects were ones that had bad cases of Covid, and those were more often the unvaccinated.

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climate change?:slight_smile:

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Maybe his cause of death was political activists chomping at the bit to utilize his death to suit their narrative.

you won’t learn the real cause ever. they will come up with some sort of ‘cardiac event’. nobody looks for vaccine as the root cause. bad career move for ‘medical pro’s’.

They stopped the Johnson and Johnson vaccine after 3 cardiac events occurred after vaccine was given. Those events were pretty inline with how often we would expect them to occur without the vaccine though.

IDK, I think with the vaccine, there has been lots of people looking to see if it could be a root cause for issues related to heart and other unexpected issues.

I am not saying the vaccines are perfect or haven’t caused issues. I do think there is evidence that one is better off with it than without it though.

I don’t see why not. lamehack just told you that…

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From what I read, 275,000,000 Americans have received at least on dose of the Covid vaccine. No doubt every one of them will die at some point. Not doubt all those deaths will be due to the vaccine. Even if they die 60 years from now. Because that is how some people reason….

From what I can tell, he was vaccinated 18 months ago. Hell of a delayed reaction.

As for ticking time bomb, I think you need to explain the biological mechanism….


micro-clotting which grows larger in time. eventually those clots grow in size and cause major issues, stroke, heart attack etc. so initially you get the vaxx and everything is fine. one day you drop dead ‘couldn’t be the vaxx’. there is different theories why and how this happens. my understanding is that those are not typical clots but some engineered objects. there is excess deaths everywhere. the stats do support this. i did a small calculation a while ago, here is a copy/paste from an older post i did somewhere. you can bet this number is probably much higher. some even came up with something like millions (look into Steve Kirsch)
the reasons athletes die faster is due to an increase in metabolism and additional stressors, which are of course not a problem for a normal person. so your chances of survival are higher if you are couch potato.

*I did simple math of how many ppl died of vaxx in USA alone. Lincoln financial (5% market share in life ins) paid out roughly 1.5billion since intro of vaxx. vs normal year 500mil. avg life insurance policy = 500k = roughly 2000ppl extra. 2000 20 (to reach 100%) = 40k. 50% of ppl in usa got life insurance. total deaths roughly 80k. you can safely roundup higher and it is safe to say that about 100k ppl at a minimum died of the vaxx.

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Seems legit.

Even more legit.

You didn’t account for actual deaths from Covid, or added stressors of lockdown life, or overdoses, or a litany of other causes of death.

Look man, I’m not a proponent of the vax as I think it’s vastly over-hyped and non-beneficial to those who take care of themselves… but you’re grasping at straws and using armchair math to quantify how many extra people died.

Could you like stop making Doug’s death about the vaccine? It’s a shitty thing to do; he made an informed decision with his body… this is what we want of all people.


President Trump forced the corporations to develop Heart Obstructing Micro-Robots in order to bankrupt insurance companies!

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What angers me the most are people who immediately respond to the death of an athlete (primarily bodybuilders) and attribute it to the COVID vaccine. Certainly it cannot be tied to the use of PED’s, HGH, insulin, etc! It must be the vaccine! Don’t misconstrue my comments as anti-PED because I am neither for or against them. I leave the decision up to the individual. Could PED’s be related to the deaths? Absolutely they could. Did they cause the deaths? Likely not.