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Douchebags Have Their God




??? OK, the title drew me in, but I was actually expecting content, LOL…


Did you hit submit too early on accide







I dont know… he seems like a pretty swell guy!


ahh my abs i sore i shouldnt be laughing.

he has a tribal beard, thats fucking badass


It seems like it would be tiring to the facial muscles, to always have pouty lips, like these D-bags have.


Chump just had to wear a NY hat. Oh well at least it makes a good target for a cross from the right or left


I must say, that is an awesome level of douchebaggery on display.


at first, I thought he had a facial tatoo. but now that I see its beard… im just shocked and awed


Honestly that beard design is pretty badass.


I swear he looks like a guy from my gym and the dude is fucking jacked. The guy has badass facial hair a million tats and the muscles of an NPC competitor.