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Douchebag Shows Off His Fake Muscles





haha what a douche


At least he got some nice C-cups out of the deal.


I think he's actually used more synthol since his last vid was posted here.


WHAT...THE...FUCK. at first I thought "why the hell does he have balloons under his shirt, trying to make it look like he had tits??" I am utterly baffled why he thinks that looks awesome


Weak, man... Weak.


Yeah this guy has posted multiple videos. It looks like he's added more synthol, like PaddyM said.


He is the perfect complete and total king of all douchebags. I feel SOOOOOO sorry for this embarrasment. What makes it even worse is he has no friends or family that can tell him that he is the absolute most rediculous person who has ever inhabited the planet earth. I mean he is seriously the saddest human being to ever take a breath on this planet.
Poor Guy.



I can see him go to jail. And some real muscle head saying to him. Those are some night titties pretty boy!!!

I know some chicks that would be jealous.

And if he has more injected where are the videos ..someone post more of these idiots!!


Fast forward to the autopsy vid where he gets the pusbags drained.


What would happen if someone walked up to him and punched him right in the tit.


Very gross.. Chest aside, his delts look like tumors.


quote my boy that just watched this for the first time

"I really dont know what to think about this, is this even real? if so this may be the lamest dude I have ever seen and I need to kick his ass!"


Shes kinda butch but I'd tit fuck her.


A question just occurred to me. Why are South American women so awesome and the men are such douchbags?


lol he has actual tits. Synthol guy takes the title from this guy


why does women like douchebags ??

so many questions yet so little answers


LOL, when I was a kid I had a plastic action figure with muscles a lot like that - except the action figure's were a bit more realistic.

Anyone else notice the name of the guy posting the vid - Willy Wanka


Yep. And the lateral heads of his triceps look bizarrely deformed, too. I wonder if he made the vid as evidence in a lawsuit he's bringing against his plastic surgeon.


Come on, this isn't a joke?