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Douchebag Move by a Competitor


I get a call for a bachelor party in Mass, in April, mention 2 girls not on my site, I can email the guy their pics. Midnight I get text from one of the girls, someone sent her pics to her college. I look up the email address, its the head driver for her old agency.
I did blow I should have googled the phone number, and checked email addy on facebook but I take alot of calls, and didn't check to see if it was a fake booking.
So this guy, made she no longer works for the agency he works for, decides to send her pics, not even scandalous pics, 2 bikini pics, to her sorority and I think other people at the school saying she is an escort
Just venting


You sound like you care.

He who cares least wins, duh.


my head hurts from reading that. What?






Pimpin' ain't easy my friend...

However, grammar is an easily mastered trait.



Not trying to be a dick but I didn't understand a single sentence there.


I got "blow, titties (he may not have said titties but I was thinking "titties"), escort, bikini, and something about a bachelor party.

Let me say this....real men have strippers on speed dial for shit like this. There should be no issue.


are you trying to come out of the closet?


Edit version:

Not to long ago I got a call for a bachelor party in Mass for April. I mentioned two girls to him not on my website, I can easily email the guy their pics. 12:00am, I get a text from on of the girls and she said "someone sent my pics to my college!". I then soon look up the email address I sent the pictures too and turns out to be her old agency. I did blow before I sent the pictures to the email and should have googled the phone number or even check the email on facebook but I took a lot of calls at the time. It slipped my mind to see if it was a fake booking. So this guy she has no longer been working for sent the pics of her in her bikini to her sorority and I think other people at her old school, stating she is an escort.

Lame. Just venting.


im gonna do ahead and agree with OP on that being a dick move by the ex employer.


I think we're going to need to see these pics. What school does she go to by the way?


The joke is on your competitor. In the end, bad businessmen will destroy themselves. You think that girl will recommend that agency to her friends who are looking to whore themselves out? Mo' bitches for you.


So, the morale of the story is don't take blow, because if you do you will end up borderline retarded. That was painful to read. I apologise if you are dyslexic.


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Thank you.

It all makes sense now.

To the OP:



English: Learn it.


your right guess what domain i got yesterday
That, I gotta get wordpress set up
then spew my logic
anyway, this isn't a relationship, and i'm not brokering a deal


I didn't take blow, I meant I blew it by not checking on the caller, I should have googled his phone number, I see result, his agency myspace page, I could have checked facebook for his email address, boom there he is
well he should have registered his name.com
cuz now, if you type his name in, it goes to a Gay Video Chat site
don't mess with a webmaster!!! lol

I own a stripper agency booking dancers for bachelor parties. I sent pics of my new starlet to a caller who claimed to have a party in April. The caller was a driver for her old stripper agency.
I blew it, because if I would have checked his email address or phone number online I'd see who he really was.

The douchebag move, is he took the pics and is sending them to people at her college. I told her to the 2 pics showing her in a bikini basically are pics she took for her boyfriend, or at a adult toy party with the girls.
No pics really show, STRIPPER or ESCORT.
I think she wants to be class something so that why she's upset.

I just think that is the biggest dick move a guy could do. The girl left your company. You see her reviews on my site, she is awesome. So he wants to ruin her? This clown cheats on his fat wife of 3 kids, with dancers that work for the agency, its a typical, fuck the boss, fuck the head driver, get work scum agency.

peace out