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Douchebag Anthem


With all the talk of douchebags as of recent, it's only right to have you all listen to a song about it now.

Feel free to list what you are "guilty" of after listening...

I have 1 trucker hat and shave my chest. That's all I caught really.


haha that was pretty good


I'm guilty of using money to flirt. This perhaps explains my lack of results.

He forgot aviators though.


i gave your girl the clap. sorry brah.


i actually just finished shaving my chest haha but i didnt leave the patch...other than that i think im pretty safe from the lyrics.


i have an ipod touch, myspace, facebook and i gel my hair for work. that's it. if he said monster or Spike Shooter instead of red bull tho...


none of the above.

ed hardy is for fags. i wear Two In The Shirt


Liquor bottles as decorations


Sleeveless shirts

Perez Hilton

Tuna tar tar

Shots of Patron


tight t-shirt

Playing acoustic guitar in public

Faux Hawks

Drive an SUV

Red bull


Ok guys....... Should I just unregister my account ?


AHAH and u called me a douchebag, SMH, ur a bigger douche then me
but i still love you


IDK, I feel like if we took a survey you still might come away with the W.


Out of ur list, i only had facebook, sleeveless t's, and faux hawks.


Thats cuz you're too young to drink booze, then you'll be able to add red bull and Jagerbombs and Patron.

And maybe an SUV when you're old enough to drive.


And if you're good, I don't think that the playing acoustic guitar thing makes you a douche. Ladies tend to like it.


Guilty of nothing, i think i am the opposite. :o


I shoot the laser.


I have an iphone.

I put my weed in a jar.

I would like to be a lawyer.

I'm not that douchery..


Oh and I work out too much, got me.


Shave chest

Sleeveless T's


Shots of Patrone

Guilty of 4...