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Doubts on Working Out & Diet for Clean Bulk


Hi everyone!
I introduce myself, I am Jesus, a new Spanish guy around here, I have been working out for two years now and just ended my cutting stage, I ended up eating about 1900 calories and one hour walking with slope. After that I went through reverse-diet up to a point that I reached 2700 calories without adding any pound, I stayed around 170 pounds and 7,5% bf.

Now, I am aiming to everyone dream, a clean bulk, for the moment I am doing quite well and I continue increasing my calories to 3000 calories with about 200 gr protein, 100 gr fat and 325 gr ch. I work out 6 days in a row, resting on Sunday. I divide it in:
I usually do 4 meals a day. I divide my macros around the day as follows:

  • Breakfast: around 700 calories, bread/healthy cereals as source of ch(50 gr), some fats(20-30gr) from avocado or dried fruits and protein around 30 gr.
  • Lunch: I really enjoy a big meal here, so I eat 1000 calories of all kind of macros
  • Pre-workout: an intake of 600 calories of 30 gr protein and ch 75-100 gr.
  • Post-workout(dinner): the calories left, around 700, mainly protein, few ch(50 gr) and more fats from healthy sources so as to slowing down the assimilation of the protein during the night.

My main question is if I should do any change. And whether I should try to avoid ch at night because I eat like 2-3 hours before going to bed and during the whole day I have enough time to fill my glycogen stores and it makes more sense or actually I should increase ch post-workout and have a smaller intake in the breakfast and lunch(which is about 100 grams).

Barbell inclined bench press 4x8 (2 sets 60�º and 2 sets 45�º)
Dumbbell bench press 3x10
Dumbbell inclined flies 3x12(45�º)
Machine fly 3x15

Bulgarian split squat 4x8
Press leg 3x10
Quad extensions 3x12

Close-grip bench press 4x8
Dips 3x10
Triceps V pushdown 3x12

4x20 seated calf raise(slow motion) & 4x20 seated calf raise(pumping, less weight)

Wide-grip lat pull-down 4x8
Neutral-grip lat pull-down 3x10
One-arm dumbbell row 3x12
Neutral-grip seated cable row 3x15

Dumbbell side lateral raise standing 4x8
Dumbbell side lateral raise sitting 3x10
Cable side lateral raise 3x12

Close-grip barbell z curl 4x8
Chin-ups 3x10
Scott curl machine 3x12

4x10 hanging leg raise&4x10 accordion crunch
3x reverse plank(45sec)& prono plank(45 sec)
1x side plank

Lunges 4x8
Hack 3x10
Quad extensions 3x12
Quad extensions 3x15
Quad extenions 2x20

Hamstring curl machine 4x8
Hamstring curl machine 4x10
Hamstring curl machine 2x20
Standing glute kickback 4x10

4x10 Standing calf raises & 4x10 standing calf raises (pumping without weight)
4x20 seated calf raises

4x8 close-grip shoulder machine
3x10 wide-grip upright barbell row
3x12 dumbbell shoulder press
3x15 barbell shoulder press behind neck

4x10 barbell shrug front
4x10 barbell shrug back

4x10 palms up forearm curl
4x10 palms down forearm curl

4x10 hanging leg raise&4x10 hiperextension
3x reverse plank(45sec) & prono plank(45 sec)
1x side plank

Dumbbell inclined bench press 4x8(2 sets 60�º and 2 sets 45�º)
Bench press 3x10
Neck press 3x12 (as an exercise for upper pecs, should I change?)
Dumbbell pec flies 3x15

Romanian deadlift 4x8
Hamstring curl machine 3x10
Hamstring curl machine 3x10

Reverse-grip bench press 4x8
Reverse-grip triceps pushdown 3x10
Triceps pushdown overhead 3x12

4x10 Standing calf raises & 4x10 standing calf raises (pumping without weight)

Chest supported barbell row 4x8
Close-grip cable row 3x10
Reverse-grip lat pulldown 3x12
Wide-grip lat pulldown 3x15

Dumbbell rear shoulder raises 4x8
Face-pull 3x10
Cable rear shoulder 3x12

Dumbbell curl 4x8
Close-grip barbell z curl 3x10
Scott curl machine 3x12

4x10 hanging leg raise&4x10 accordion crunch
3x reverse plank(45sec)& prono plank(45 sec)
1x side plank


REST DAY!(Or even a tennis match)

And about the workout, any suggestion to improve my weakness points according to my measures? Should I go for 6, 8, 10 and 12 reps instead of 8, 10, 12, 15, what do you think?
What should I do to reach the same size of thigh at my left one, I feel uncomfortable with the difference between them, easily notice just looking.

I attach some pics about my current look and my body sizes.
I hope you don�t find any trouble with my English skills to understand me hahaha.
Waiting for nice advices and criticism to follow


Neck 36
Shoulders 116
Open chest 99
Chest 93
Waist 72
Hips 96,5
Thigh-under glute 55,75/57,25
Thigh-knee 43,75/43,75
Calves 36/36
Flexed biceps 35/35
Relaxed biceps 31/31
Triceps 32/32
Forearm 29/29
Wrist 17
Ankle 21
Head 59
Knee 37
Weight(kg) 77,5
Height (cm) 192
Bodyfat (%) 8,50%