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Doubts about Healthy Test Levels in the Body

I read every day articles about TRT. Everyday I read something different, so I don’t know, I feel like the more I read about TRT the less I know. I read that people say that is better to have TT between 600 to 700, than have between 1000 to 1200. My “Doctor” told me that he wants me to be in the 1000 to 1200 range of total testosterone, but some people on the forums say that is better to be between 600 to 700, because something about the receptors.
Another question about dosage. Some people say that the maximum recommended dose of test cyp should be 100mg a week, others say 200mg a week. What is the maximum dose recommended?

From what I learned reading here, everybody is different. Some feels better in the 6-700 but some needs to be in 1000-1200. I suppose you have to try it yourself. As for the dose some needs 100mg and some needs 200mg to be at same level.

That all depends on your SHBG and how much FT you have. If you have high SHBG you will need to be in the upper range for sure. Mid to low SHBG you could probably feel good in the 6-700 TT range. As for starting dose, you should start at 100mg/week and adjust from there. Its easier to dial in from there than starting too high and ending up with more issues.

One’s T levels for a given dose can vary. TT can be inflated and FT reduced if SHBG is elevated and vice verse.

Some lab companies have much higher ranges than others. One should have TT and FT at or above lab upper range and judge how you feel. Noting above info.

Estradiol levels are quite critical for ones quality of life, fat loss and patterns, mental state and libido.

Too many C clinics and doctors are prescribing 200mg from the beginning, I and many others think that that is bad practice and risks high HTC. Many guys think that this is great because they have their hands in the cookie jar with a more must be better mentality.

Try to get your self balanced via advice in one of your other threads here.

You are creating too many posts where you are making things difficult for yourself.

I’m trying to feel good with my TRT protocol, that is why I’m creating so many posts. I trust this forums because the guys on them are on TRT. I don’t trust doctors anymore, they usually don’t have a clue about the right TRT protocol.