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Doubling Up Androgel Dose


After being frustrated with this stuff for years (on and off of it), I recently began going two weeks on and two weeks off, doubling the dose during the 'on' weeks. I haven't had any bloodwork done since beginning, but wanted to see what the resident experts on here thought of doing this.

One of the troubles I had before was that my T values would plunges after a few weeks of continuous use.


You should try injecting then see if you feel better than with the transdermals.


I've done that in the past. The odd thing is that I rarely feel any difference whatsoever, from any protocol -- not terrible or anything, just kind of 'blah'. Its really rather odd. Tried injecting once a week, twice a week, taking Ana, the whole 9 yards. Nada.

I suppose I have a rare system that'll do anything to stay the same. Wierd.


Have you tried something dopergenic?

trazodone at night [to sleep]


BTW, lifeextensionrx.com has the best prices for deprenyl. Very cheap transdermal T as well, gel or cream.


I'll read up on those but isn't deprenyl the stuff MJ was getting?

I actually sleep pretty well. The only thing anyone ever found wrong with me was low Test, and a peptic ulcer.


If you aren't getting anything from TRT add in HGH. I had the same issue. TRT itself did nothing for me. Once I added HGH problem solved.