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Doublelung84 Please Chime In


I need a bit of advice bro I have two INDs on the Igm blot and 31++

Igg 41 + and 31 is IND and two others IND..

In my case I believe this is a long term issue, any comments?


My friend, I have no idea what you are talking about regarding INDs. I do know Igm is the Western blot test for Lyme but I can not interpet those ranges for you.

Refresh my memory on your situation. I have spoken to several people about L.D. and it's hard to keep straight who is who.


It's ok bro. I though you knew Igenex labs IND means indeteminate.. Often when someone has had Lyme for a long time antibodies can be weak or non existent. Lyme attacks white blood cells and the immune system is suppressed for some.. In these cases one may have to be treated for Lyme before they show immune response and produce the antibodies for the western blot.

What lab would you choose for co infections? I think I'm going to go with fry labs.


I used Quest. They have an app called gazelle that I can get all the results, sometimes before I get back to my GP. Nice to know ahead of time so I can do my research. Have you ran the antibiotic gauntlet that they put you through?