Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Weight 182.4

1000m row

Glute bridge mTor 155x11 straight to BWx40 (pump)
Supinated lat pull down drop set 130x4, 80x8, 50x13
neutral grip seated cable row mTor 60x7
DB hammer curl drop set 50x6, 30x8, 20x10
behind the back BB finger rolls x some
standing calf raise 90 x some
low handle prowler push x some


5 minutes moderate airdyne

Hack squat machine 180 RP 10-7-6 (not resting so much at the top)
Bench from pins (6) at chest height RP: 265x10-4-1
DB lateral raise drop set: 35sx6, 20sx8, 12.5sx11
mTor DB tri extension on 30 deg. bench: 35s x 8

Weight 183.8

1000m row

lying leg curl drop set 155x6, 110x8, 80x9
cable rope straight arm pull over mTor 85x7
Life fitness pronated row RP 190 7-4-3
LF preacher curl mTor 125x6
Leg press calf raise pump-mTor-pump
LF preacher curl pump 50 x a bunch


Weight 184.8 (my calories this past week have been at 3950)

3 minutes hard airdyne

leg extension drop set: 250x7, 175x8, 130x10
Pec deck mTor: 145x7
military press RP: 165x9-3-2
Dip machine RP: 180x13-8-7
hanging leg raise x 1 set to failure
Leg extension pump set

30 minute walk at lunch

weight 185.8
22 hour fast

weight 184.4
700m row

Glute bridge mTor 185x9
Supinated lat pull down drop set 130x6, 90x8, 60x12
neutral grip seated cable row mTor 60x8
DB hammer curl drop set 50x7, 30x10, 20x11
behind the back axel bar finger rolls x some
seated calf raise 90 x pump-mTor-pump

weight: 185.4

LF Leg press from the bottom mTor 230x11 straight to a pump set of 90x12
HS incline press drop set 270x10, 180x9, 110x11
Incline bench DB front raise mTor 15x7
Cable rope push down drop set 100x6, 70x8, 40x11
Hanging leg raise superset with some side bends
Stair climber x 5 minutes with 1 sprint

Weight 185.4

3 minutes airdyne with 2 sprints

GHR BW+12.5 RPx 8-2 -BW+0x4
Wide grip pulldown RP 110x6-3-2
DB bent over lateral raise Drop set 30x8-20x10-15x10
BB curl RP 95x8-4-2
Some standing calf raises


Weight 183.4

Hack squat machine 210 RP 10-4-3
Bench from pins (6) at chest height RP: 275x10-2-1
DB lateral raise drop set: 30sx7, 20sx8, 15sx14, Partials 15x10
mTor DB tri extension on 30 deg. bench: 35s x 7
some single arm ab bridges

30 minute walk at lunch


Back is feeling good from the 3 week de-load and I’m already bored with BBing, on to power building. Time to get back under some weight. I’ll also be backing down to lifting 4 days a week. It should be nice because I can lift on days I don’t pick my daughter up from school which means more daddy-daughter time in the afternoons. I’ll also probably get back into some more regular fasting on off days.

Weight 184.8

Bench 6x3 @210
Strict military press 2x8 @145, 2x8 @135
EZ bar curls 4 sets
cable tries 3 sets
dumbell lateral raise 4 sets
bent over lateral raise 3 sets

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30 minute walk

Weight: 187???
30 minute walk

Weight: 187.2???

Powerlifting squat: 245 4x12 on 3 minutes rest (I died a little inside)
Snatch grip deadlift 240 4x3

Lying Hamstring curls 5 easy sets
Superset with
Hanging leg raise 4 easy sets

I realized into my 3rd set of squats I’d made a terrible mistake. I probably should have gradually increased the volume. Oh well, made it through.

Note about my weight: 12/13 I got some error message on my scale and it took 5 tries to get a weight to pop up. Judging by the numbers the past 3 days, I think there might be something wrong with it.

Lunch: 30 minute walk.

Weight 186.2

15 minute inclined walk easy

Paused bench: 215 4x12
Incline bench 195x(8), 165x8, 155 2x8 on 3 minutes rest

peck deck 4 sets
superset with
rope push downs 4 sets

machine bench 5 sets
superset with
machine dips 4 sets

all light and easy on the accessory work.

2 minutes aerodyne upper only.

Weight 187.5
SSB squat 190 4x3
Sumo deadstop deadlift 305 4x12

4 sets of pull HS pull downs and 4 sets of straight arm cable pullovers
superset with
6 sets of EZ bar curls

So you know you go to a good gym when on Monday at 530 AM there are 5 people deadlifting and only one benching (no joke). I ended up having to use one of the Ohio power bars and it really tore up my legs. I hook gripped all these and got a terrible forearm pump.

Bench 195 6x2
Military press 145 4x5
Shoulder and arm accessory

Squat 260 3x12
SGDL 160 4x2
3 sets of abs
3 sets hams

Bench 230 3x12
Incline bench 175 4x5
Pec and triceps accessory

SSB 145 4x2
Sumo deadlift 330 3x12
Lats and bies accessory

Bench 230 8x3
Military press 150 5x8
Shoulders, bies, and tries accessory

So I got a stomach virus on the 20th and ended up on a drive that should have been about 6 and a half hours but took 9. It was literally drive for 45 minutes, stop and puke for 30 minutes, repeat. Worst trip of my life. No idea how much weight I lost, I haven’t weighed myself. Wasn’t really ready to train on the 22nd but went and did it anyway. My left hamstring was also massively sore on the 20th and it has been very tight since then.

Squat 280 4x10
SGDL 190 6x3
15 sets of hams, 5 sets of abs

bench (all paused) 245 4x10
incline bench 175 5x8
15 sets of pecs, 11 sets of tries

SSB squat 135 6x3
sumo deadstop Deadlift 350 4x10
lats 15 sets
bies 11 sets

So I’m going to give the t-ransformation another run. I need the motivation to get back on point after the holiday. Ate lots of crap but not a tone of calories of the holidays (at my inlaw’s and parent’s houses). Still trained well though and hit some good gyms. Between the lower calories and the stomach bug, I just weighed myself at 187 this evening (haven’t had a scale). I’ll get a better weight tomorrow morning.

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Weight: 186
16 hour fast
20 minute walk
3600 calories

16 hour fast
20 minute walk
3700 calories

Weight: 188 (earlier weigh in now that I’m getting up back at my normal time)
16 hour fast
20 minute walk
3600 calories

Weight: 187
Calories: 3800
20 minute walk
20 minutes playground
This is scheduled to be a pretty low volume recovery week.
Speed Bench 1st rep paused: 175 6x2
Military press: 135 3x5
2 rounds of a Tri-set of lateral raise, curls, and tri extension.

I was out playing on a frozen puddle yesterday and ended up falling on my butt. Later I noticed I felt it in my back where I’ve perpetually had problems, a little bit. I’ll have to see how it goes tomorrow but I’m going to feel really stupid if it starts acting up again when I’ve gone so long at this point with no problems.

Squat: 290 3x10
SGDL: 200 4x2
Hams 5 sets
abs 3 set
1 hard set of calves

3700 calories

Weight: 186.6
5 minutes aerodyne
Bench (all paused) 250 3x10
Incline bench: 160 3x5
5 sets pecs
4 sets tries
1 hard set of calves

3700 calories

I’m traveling this week and while on the road and away from family I’m pretty much doing keto. First day with about 35 carbs and I remember quickly why it’s my favorite dieting strategy. I did a 16 hour fast, then proceeded to have a lot of difficulty getting my calories in. I ended up with like 3300 (1/8). I’m going to keep to keto, but open my eating window up.

front squat 155 4x2
Sumo dead stop deads 360 3x10
5 sets of pull ups
4 sets of curls

calories 3700