Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Today was day number 1 of my plan going into 2018, so it’s time to start a log.

Yesterday I competed in a powerlifting comp. so I’m switching to a hypertrophy block and am planning on adding some size and bringing up my powerlifting weak points.

Quick write-up:
Not a good day. Went 3 for 7, but did get a total. 400/360/500 1260 @178 (181) raw without wraps.

First I only learned about the meet 5 weeks out, then I strained my lower back 2 weeks out so there was only 3 real weeks of prep and I didn’t squat or pull anything remotely heavy for 2 weeks.

Squat: Took 400 on my opener, got it pretty easy, but my back was knotting up afterward so I scratched both my other attempts.

Bench: opened at 360 and pressed it but got red lighted for a double bounce. Second, took 360 again and got it easy. Third, took 375 and it was just too much.

Deads: opened at 500 and got it easy. Second attempt the bar got way forward, and I tore the crap out of my hand and missed it. Third, re-took 525 and pulled it but got red lighted for a downward movement just before lockout. Totally had it and just for an instant didn’t keep pulling.

There is no video of the bench because my family didn’t record it (even though it was the only thing I specifically asked to be recorded).





Got in the gym this morning just to get some blood flowing. Rowed 1000m and did a pull workout not worth writing down.


Training in the morning this week so I can hit a training session before traveling on Wednesday.

11/20 This morning:

Weight: 181.8

Hack squat machine light RP set (not to failure)
Bench from pins (6) at chest height RP: 255x8-3-2
DB lateral raise drop set: 30sx6, 20sx8, 12.5sx10
mTor DB tri extension on 30 deg. bench: 30s x7

2 days after the meet, so still feeling pretty beat up and didn’t push anything very hard. Calories starting out are going to be about 3300.

Yesterday 11/20 also hit a 30 minute walk at lunch and a 35 minute hike in the woods with a 3 year old on my shoulders after work.

11/21 - no alarm this morning (not sure how it got turned off) so I woke up 45 minutes late and had to rush.

500m row

lying leg curl drop set 140x6, 95x8, 50x11
cable rope straight arm pull over mTor 85x6
Life fitness pronated row RP 175 6-3-2
LF preacher curl mTor 110x6
Standing calf raise mTor 50x8

Lunch: 30 minute walk

How was the fit on that Inzer singlet? I might be trying a powerlifting meet next year and looks like that’s the cheapest option for singlets. Thanks!

Decent. Felt pretty good lifting, but the shoulders were a bit wide and the shoulders to crotch was tight enough to be uncomfortable sitting around. That was a large and I’m 5’10” 180.

Compared to an old non-compression one: the compression was nice, but less comfortable when not lifting.

Hmm. Reading some of the comments on Amazon I was planning on ordering the XL. I’m 5’9 and am hoping to cut down to lift in the 198lb class (currently close to 215lbs). Now I’m unsure…

FTR I have a pretty small frame. Small hands/shoulders/waist.

Weight 179.6

3 minutes moderate airdyne

Sissy squat (platform) drop set: +20x8, +10x6, BWx11
Pec deck mTor: 115x7
military press RP: 165x6-3-2 (really weak on these)
Dip machine RP: 170x6-4-2
Decline sit ups some x some

Did a pull workout on a bowflex. Good pump.

Got into a gym and did a push workout, but didn’t record weights or anything.

Back in my gym.

Weight: 181.6

1000m row

GHR BW+10 RP 7-4-2
Wide grip pulldown RP 100x6-4-2
DB bent over lateral raise Drop set 30x6-20x8-12.5x10
BB curl RP 85x7-3-2
Seated calf raise mTor 90x7 no rest 90x11 no mTor

11/27 - I liked the AM training so I’m going to stick with it.

Weight: 180.6

3 minutes moderate airdyne

Hack squat machine 200 RP 8-4-6
Bench from pins (6) at chest height RP: 255x11-4-1
DB lateral raise drop set: 35sx5, 20sx8, 12.5sx10
mTor DB tri extension on 30 deg. bench: 35s x7

  • 2 hard sets of decline sit ups superset with DB side bend

When you say “RP” are you referring to rest-pause?

Yes. This is pretty much CT’s best damn with some modifications to de-load my back and because I’m old. I’ve run it before and didn’t do well, but I was training at home and this sort of program is difficult to run on minimalist equipment.


Weight: 182.4

1000m row

lying leg curl drop set 140x6, 95x8, 65x10
cable rope straight arm pull over mTor 70x7
Life fitness pronated row RP 175 8-4-2
LF preacher curl mTor 110x7
Leg press calf raise pump

30 minute walk at lunch

cool. In the new year you and I are going to have a bench competition. You’re ahead of me for now but only enough to make it interesting, not a whitewash for you.

Bring it!

hah! You’re on. Where are you on BW and bench?

Right now I’m just going full hypertrophy, then I’m going to move to some powerbuilding, then probably cycle down and try to get a fully healthy competition with a full taper (more than 3 weeks would be good) and better filling out of the 181. I’d like at a minimum to get over (2.5)xBW, (2)xBW, (3)xBW.

Cutting at the moment so bodyweight is way down at like 175. I’ll probably get down to around 170 when the cut is over but jump back up 5lbs or so when I go back to eating at maintenance, so we’re close enough there to make things even I’d say.

Only been benching again or a couple of months after like 3 years without it so I’ve not even thought about testing a max and my reps are staying high for now anyway. If I had to guess i’d say I’d be good for a single at 130k which is about 280lbs, so you’re way ahead for now but I reckon I can easily add 40lbs to that over the next three or four months.

In the interest of full disclosure I am strongly considering using steroids next year, but think about how satisfying it could be for you if you still manage to beat me! Haha

Weight 182.4

3 minutes moderately hard airdyne

leg extension drop set: 250x6, 175x8, 115x11
Pec deck mTor: 130x10
military press RP: 165x7-3-2
Dip machine RP: 170x12-5-4
hanging leg raise x 1 set to failure
couple of sets of easy smith side bends

30 minute walk at lunch

Weight: 184.8 (ate most of my food late in the day)

1000m row

GHR BW+10 RP 8-3-2
Wide grip pulldown RP 100x7-4-2
DB bent over lateral raise Drop set 30x6-20x8-15x10
BB curl RP 85x10-3-2
Seated calf raise pump-mTor-pump

30 minute walk at lunch

weight: 183
30 minute walk
I got about a 22 hour caloric fast in. stoped eating at about 6 the previous day then put down 3300 calories from 4 o’clock till about 8. It wasn’t very pleasant and I’m going to probably reduce calories on fasting days and compensate on other days.

Weight 183

Woke up and couldn’t sleep, so I ended up at the gym at about 4:30 this morning. Still felt fine.

5 minutes easy airdyne

LF Leg press from the bottom mTor 190x11 straight to a pump set of 90x20
HS incline press drop set 250x6, 160x8, 90x19
Incline bench DB front raise mTor 12.5x8
Cable rope push down drop set 95x6, 65x8, 35x13
Prowler push x a couple
alternating single arm ab bridge x 4:10