Double Training Log for A&E (Oly & Strength)

I’m starting this training log to keep up with my old workout buddy who’s in Japan for a few months. It’s a way for us to stay motivated and check each other.

My workouts are whatever Dr. Manhattan writes for me, plus whatever outside work I feel like.

Last workout was Wednesday, 10/8

Snatches + Overhead squats
3@45 kg, 3@50, 2@60, 2x2@65

Oly Back Squats 10x3
First 2 sets at 120 kg, fail
Last 8 sets at 110 kg

Military Press
6@40 kg, 5@50, 4@55, 4@60 kg

Here’s some relevant stats:
Bodyweight: 73 kg
Snatch: 80 kg
Clean: 110 kg
Jerk: 105 kg
Back squat: 145 kg
Front squat: 131 kg

Some less relevant and older stats:
Deadlift: 385 lbs
Bench: 225 lbs
Weighted dip: +155 lbs
Weighted chinup: +135 lbs

Great! Let’s get this bad boy goin. My workout follows the Chad Waterbury Total Body Training template, three times a week. So I’ll be posting Monday, Wednesday, Saturday starting this coming Monday.

Previous Maxes:
Bench: 265
Squat: 285
DL: 385

Retested bench and squat maxes after about three months of not training: bench around 225, squat around 265. I’m expecting these numbers to shoot back up. I’ll make them shoot back up, and then some.

May post physique pics at some point depending on the homo factor.

Workout template can be found at: Total Body Training

Workout for Friday, 10/10

Warm up
Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press
3@60 kg, 3@70 kg, 3@80 kg
5@65 kg, 4@75, 3@90, 10x3@105
5@135 lbs, 155, 185, 4@205

Sunday, 10/12

Strapple Jiu Jitsu:

Learned basics of spider guard and how to escape it, followed by four rounds of three minute rolling sessions. Got my ass kicked pretty good.

Monday, 10/13

Week 1, Workout 1

Flat Bb Bench: 3 x 5 @ 90 kg
Seated Cable Row: 3 x 5 @ 80 kg
Box Squat: 3 x 5 @ 110 kg
Power Clean: 3 x 5 @ 60 kg
Db Hammer Curl: 3 x 5 @ 12.5 kg
Glute Ham Raise: 3 x 5 @ bw

Good stuff. Started out trying to do flat Db bench, but the highest they had was 30 kg, so that wasn’t gonna do much for me. I was pulling the stack on the cable rows, felt pretty cool. Box Squats were a major push. I was getting dizzy by the second set, but I made it through. And yes I did picture Vanna under a car on the last couple of reps. Kinda ashamed about the power cleans, they were tough, and we used to bang out thirty of those in like five minutes. Oh well, it’ll come back. Felt like a sissy doing the hammer curls. Glute ham raise was more of a elongated back extension, but it was still tough after the squats and cleans. Had trouble walking at the end.

Recovery techniques! Oh boy. So aside from my heinously expensive protein shake, I also got in some pretty crazy stuff. Contrastive shower, then jumped in the hot bath they have, they back to a cold shower, then into the sauna, repeated cycle until the old Japanese guy sitting at the shower where I accidentally left my face wash decided to leave. Then spent a good fifteen minutes in a massage chair with headphones on. Also chugged this BCAA drink they have here, apparently bursting with leucine and other good stuff, might actually send a PM to Thibs asking about this stuff in comparison to the ridiculously expensive powdered stuff Biotest just came out with.

So, my membership at Merritt Athletic has expired and I’m being lazy with the renewal. They want to give me a young professional discount, and charge me $67 per month. Apparently it can otherwise go up to $80 per month plus a $200 startup fee. That’s ridiculous considering all the olympic lifters use is a small room with 3 platforms in it. I’d really rather not pay for other people to play squash or do “body pump” classes. Anyway, so I went to the school gym and did my first upper body split day in 4-5 months.

Dips up to 5 rep max
+35, +55, +70 +80, +90
Incline DB bench @ 65 lbs
10, 8, 7
Chinese style DB row @ 65 lbs
Face pulls @ 110 lbs
Decline situps with 45 lbs overhead

I’d say my strength is 10% down from when I last did upper body work. On the other hand, I’d say my muscular endurance is down way more. I was breathing heavy at the end of every set. I guess that’s what happens when all you do is triples and 5’s.

What the hell is a chinese style row? get out of here with that.

wait so are you just being lazy or thinking bout ditching olympic altogether?

Tuesday, 10/14

Strapple Jiu Jitsu:

Learned to pass guard and gain side control, two different ways. Limited sparring (maintain side control and escape side control) for six thirty second rounds. Open rolling for three rounds of three minutes each. I think I got submitted like eight times.

That’s what my Oly coach calls them. Bent over, 1 arm rows but you don’t support with your other arm so you get some core/back work in there. I really need to work on the last few inches of the range of motion. Apparently my scapula are weak as hell.

I’ll be going back to olympic lifting sometime later this week. Dr. Manhattan is writing out a new program that will give me some good direction for a little while.

Anyway, good job with the jits. When you come back you’ll be tapping me. According to sherdog, there are some pros at Strapple. Though I am going to say, some of their records are less than stellar.

Ahaha! Yeah I didn’t check their records until now, haha oh well. All you gotta know is that my teacher, Naoyuki Taira, is an absolute beast. Or at least he was back in the eighties, check it out:

Wednesday, 10/15

Week1, Workout 2

Deadlift: 3 x 8 @ 100 kg
Front Squat: 3 x 8 @ 60kg
Incline Db Bench: 3 x8 @ 30 kg
Pull Ups (pronated): 3 x 8 @ Bw
Db Side Raises: 3 x 8 @ 7 kg
Skull Crushers: 3 x 8 @ 30 kg

The deadlifts and front squats were hell. I kept them both around previous weights, and kept form strict as hell. Really wanted to lower the weight, but thought about my goals and pushed through the bar. This time imagining Vanna cheering me on and you going “it’s cake.” Ahaha, it works I swear. I can’t remember if there’s anything specific I say when I’m spotting you, but give it a shot.

Ripped open my hand too, made me feel like a man again.

So you can see where ECG: Ghetto Gold works out.

There’s a few shots of me doing the power clean, front squat, push press combo. I think it opens with me doing 80 kg and then a few more of me doing 60 & 70. I am bending my arms more than I should.

Also in the background you might notice 2 of the senior guys (DFreezy and Dr. Manhattan) squatting 170 kg.

Wait you’re training with what’s his name and what’s her face too? Oh snap. Ever figure out if they’re related, or going out or divorced or whatever?

That looks hardcore. Have you retested your vertical lately?

Do you guys know each other? It seems like it, or maybe I’m just imagining things. Either way, look forward to reading the log.

We used to work out together. He’s in Japan for a few more months. This is a better way for us to keep up with each other.

Anyway, yeah, John and Emily are dating. And my vertical as tested by a Vertec (the pole that you swipe at the flaps) is 34".

Workout for Weds, 10/15.

Snatch + OHS
3@45 kg, 3@50, 2@60, 2x2@65

Back Squat
5@75 kg, 4@90, 3@105, 10x3@115, fail on rep 30

Military Press
6@45 kg, 5@55, 4@60, 1@65 + 3 push presses

Ahahaha! Fail on rep 30 of 30, nooooooo.

I actually forgot this log was public for a sec, but we have readers! Sweet! Thanks T-Mo.

OK cool, so I wasn’t making it up. Bummer about failing on the last rep. Don’t worry, you’ll get it next time.

Friday 10/17 workout

Powerclean, front squat, push press
3 reps @ 60 kg, 75, 80

5@65 kg, 4@80, 3@95, 10x3@110, 5 of those w/ snatch grip

2 reps at 60, 70, 80, 90

5@135 lbs, 155, 185, 4@205, 1@225! (my first real, strict form 2 wheel)

Box jumps, depth jumps etc. for shits and giggles.
Hit a box jump of 45".

Saturday, 10/18

Week 1, Workout 3

Flat Db Bench: 2 x 15 @ 30 kg
Chin Ups/ Supinated Lat Pulldowns: 2 x 15 @ Bw/60 kg
Squats ATG: 2 x 15 @ 60 kg
Standing Bb Press: 2 x 15 @ 30 kg
Hyper-extensions: 2 x 15 @ Bw
Cable Curls: 2 x 15 @ 22 kg

Been a while since I tried keeping things in the fifteen rep range, weird feeling. Got twelve chinups on the first set, then did singles to finish it up, had to switch to lat pull downs on the second set. Kept the squats really strict, felt great. Everything else is as written. And yeah I know this all looks like bitch weight. But ahhh, shut up about that, it’s fifteen reps.

Sunday, 10/19

Strapple Jiu Jitsu:

Worked on weird arm bar, not sure of the name. Practiced triangles, and hooking the leg to switch from guard to mount. Sparring was 6 (yeah I was feelin’ motivated) three minute rounds. No rest in between the first four, I can definitely feel my endurance getting a little better. One of the blue belts said I was “tough,” which made me really happy, even though he was going easy on me and trying to be nice.

So I was supposed to post Monday’s workout tonight, but it turns out the gym is normally closed on Mondays and just happened to be open last time for an event…

This could result in major scheduling conflicts because my other free days are tuesday (before jiu jitsu), wednesday and saturday. Can’t be doin’ full body two days in a row, might have to do a different split starting next week?

Anyway, today’s workout I’ll do tomorrow. Then I’ll be in Nagano on a field trip from wednesday to saturday. I’ll miss wednesday’s workout (already knew this’d happen), but I’ll run to the gym right after we get back on saturday.

Side note: there is another public gym (200 yen per use, about 2 bucks) that’s open on monday’s but i’m not sure they have anything but machines… I’ll check.

In the mean time waddya think I should do routinewise? Thursday and Friday are impossible, the gym’s hours basically are during my class time. I might be able to squeeze in a sunday workout following jiu jitsu. tuesday, wednesday, saturday are still fine… tips?