Double Time???

Now that the holidays are coming around and the gym closes during the damn week, I have to compact my weeks workout into 3-4 days when usually it takes 5 days. My question is could I do a double lift in one day?
Lift legs in the early afternoon take surge…lift chest and shoulders at night and take another serving of surge and be able to workout at an optimal level? Will that just be too much? Thanks

Just change your workout routine entirely so you can work your body within four days instead of splitting it up into five.

You can try:

Quad dominant leg day
Upper body pull
Hip dominant leg day
Upper body push

Or ala Chad Waterbury (something along these lines):

Chest/Back (horizontal plane)
Leg day (quad dom?)
Chest/Back (vertical plane)
Leg day (hip dom?)

Check out Chad’s Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy program and his Big Boy Basics for some decent four day work outs…

of course you can do 2 a days. keep the workout time to a max of 45 minutes per session. Also you need to make sure that you are eating enough quality calories. See how your body handles this routine. it might be a very good stimulus for this short time period. Just make sure that you are constantly improving otherwise it’s your body telling you too slow down a bit. laters pk

I vote for the 2 a days. I personally enjoy a good bout of two a days every now and then. With the amount of K/cals and most likely the rest u will be getting during the holiday weekend you shouldnt have to worry about over training either. Or u could just say screw it and take a break for the holidays. Depends on the state at which you are in now. I Personally am going to even fit in a W/O pre feast on turkey day. Just my 2cc. Good luck, Phil

Why don’t you just take that week off and give your body some rest.

I’m doing the compact-a-workout routine mesel’. Big compound lifts one day, chest, back and legs on the other three.

T-Quinn:Why don’t you just take that week off and give your body some rest?

The weekends are my time to rest. I hate taking time off…makes me feel soft and it I feel I take away from a couple days worth of gains.

Sorry bought that motown, I meant it as phill said “depends on the state your in now” which i notice you’re not up for it. I like to take at least a couple of weeks, especially when I’m on vacations.

If you’re going to work out twice in a single day, it makes more sense to combine a small bady part with a large one, or else two small ones. Working chest after having worked legs in the morning or some similar set-up will most likely mean a sub-par workout for the later bodypart.