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Double Stimulation Training


After my bodybuilding client finished 3rd in his first natural show, I decided to put him on a 5,3,1 system. It worked fantastic as his weight went up as well as his strength. He is much bigger in the preparation for his second show. Now the question. I plan on switching him from a 5,3,1 to the double stim method.

My question is, on day 1 (pushing muscles) do you only do major compound exercises for all three groups of pushing muscles? What would be the number of sets and how many exercises would you do for each group? The following day mainly isolation exercises hitting all three muscle groups that you hit on the previous day.
I'm thinking of using it from about 12-15 weeks out. What do you think?


You don't have to switch to double stimulation... double stimulation can be used with any training plan. For example with the 5/3/1 plan, let's say that he does bench on monday and pecs are his weak point you start the next workout with isolation pump work for the chest. The only modification is that he will need to do some pump work on a day that would normally be "off" in 5/3/1. For example let's say that you do :

Monday: bench
Tuesday: squat
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: military
Friday: deadlift
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

You'd do...

Monday: bench
Tuesday: pec (or triceps or delts) isolation + squat
Wednesday: Quads (or hamstrings or glutes) isolation + ABS
Thursday: military
Friday: delts (or triceps) isolation + deadlift
Saturday: traps (or mid-back or hamstrings) isolation + ABS
Sunday: OFF


When using double stimulation for just one or two lagging muscles in a cycle, should all pump work be saved for the next day’s feeder sets only? Can the main workout include some pump work at the end for the main muscle, or is that just redundant and/or ineffective?


CT could you please suggest a feeder circuit for back and biceps? Thank you.