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Double Stimulation Training Question



Was curious with the double stimulation training, is it still beneficial to do the feeder work after the main workout so it doesn't interfere with your capacity for the main workout of the day?

Also would a tabata workout be beneficial as the pump work for the feeder work?


To answer the first part of your question: yes. CT wrote this in the article's livespill:

"physiologically, before or after (the next day of course) will work... personally I do not like doing pump work and after a heavy session I rarely feel like doing some pump work. So personally I like to start the workout with it, to get it over with. But both will work."


  1. I think it will work to do the feeder work at the end of the next day's workout provided that you still have some peri-workout drink left. My only concern would be that if you only have pre-workout protein/carbs, it could be mostly shuttled to the muscles worked during the main workout, diminishing the effect of the feeder workouts.

  2. No tabata will not work, too metabolically draining